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Thread: Looking for Good Quality Plastic Pants!

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    Default Looking for Good Quality Plastic Pants!

    I've been looking for some good quality plastic pants. I've tried High Backed plastic pants from leak master but the material ripped the 3rd time that I wore it and the leg and waistbands started to turn into hanging strings in places.
    I also tried to some from KCK Medical and they did the samething.

    Any plastic pants that don't rip after a few wearings out there?

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    I have used for the last 3 years and i can only say great things about them and their products as the service and quality are excellent.

    I have a voucher code 20090522/5 that gets you 10% off at the checkout or if you use the multi buy option and the voucher code you get 10% off + another 10% off at the checkout

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    I buy mine at LL medico, I like the Garys snap front pants the best, I have 2 pair I mistakenly bought way too big, if you wear a large thay may be good for you.

    I tried on on and the other is still folded the way I got it, thery are appel green. they are like this

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    I have a few pairs of Comco plastic pants I bought a few years ago and they are still in good shape. They have not ripped or torn but are getting a little stiff though. I have tried other plastic pants and none last like Comco. If you order from them they tend to run a little large. I normally take an extra large for most plastic pants but for Comco I wear a large. They can be reached at good luck in your choice.

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    Babykins seems to make good plastic pants. They havent ripped on me yet anyways ^^;

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    Angel Fluff Diaper Company makes good plastic pants, too. Babykins is OK, too. I had ordered from Safe Comfort Diaper Company, but their website does not bring up anything here recently. By the way, does anyone know any news about Safe Comfort?

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    I'm surprised your LeakMasters haven't held up. They usually last me a year. I wash them in the morning in the shower, using the shower soap. I thoroughly rinse them out and hang them on the line. You have to wash vinyl pants because the body oil will deteriorate them. Don't put them in a washing machine, and a dryer will really ruin them.

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    I'm sad too that they didn't work either cause I loved the fit. I basically cared for them the same way. I washed them in the tub and hung to dry with a lil bit of soap rubbed into my hjands. Then on the plastic pants. I only wore disposables underneath them and it ripped at the top side seam just about.

    BallUCanB... How big are they I have between 36-38in waist and how much would you want them for?

    Everyone else... Thanks for you suggestions in time perhaps I'll try them until I get the best ones.

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    I've found that the Salk Sani-Pant (available in most local medical supply stores and on-line best price at Online Pharmacy - Health and Beauty Products, baby needs, Over the Counter Drugs at AmericaRx) have worked well for me. With proper care (Hand wash and hang to dry and no bleach) they should last a year or more of daily use. In the summer hanging on the line keeps them white and bright. I have ordered and used ones from medco (Gary) with babyish prints but they did not hold out as long.

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    One thing to look at at Babykins is that their waterproof pants come in a variety of materials. They have waterproof nylon (my favorites) that are very durable, light, and slightly noisy. What finally gets them is the coating gets brittle and begins to flake at the inside of the leg holes, from the body heat or something, but it can take years. There is a polyester pant that is bombproof. I have had one pair for maybe 10 years! The elastic will fail before the material leaks, I think. The rubber pants are, well, rubber pants. Pants are great quality, just not a fan of rubber. Unless you shave your body, they pull every hair they touch. If you go for the vinyl pants, only get the medium weight. The light weight ones are very discreet, but the time before failure is very short, in my experience.

    I have also bought PP's off of ebay, and been happy with them, just be careful that you KNOW your sizing (leg circumference, waist/hip, etc) and know what you are looking at. I have a couple of pants in my closet that I love, but can't wear because I can't get my legs through the %^^$ing holes! Crappy pants will look crappy in the photos usually.

    Good luck on your search!

    EDIT: w00t! another Louisiana boy! Represent!
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