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    Default Newbie Ahoy

    Hi there! You can just call me "Dude" If you want, not picky :P

    I'm a teen baby, but more importantly I'm a gamer, been playing since I was in diapers(Pun intended). I mostly play Ratchet and Clank, they're awesome :P And I also like to swim and bike sometimes- nothing really too interesting. Just started my first year of High school a few months back, freshmen alert

    But yeah I mostly joined the site because I've never brought up the courage to tell anyone about my "thing" for diapers or pacifiers and the like.

    So Hiya! XD Glad to be here.

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    Hi, welcome to ADISC!

    I think we have another Cool Dude around here somewere. But your Ultra Cool Dude, sooo.. yeah.

    Anyways, good to see another gamer joining the ranks. You'll find lots of gamers around here, I am one myself. I assume by ratchet and clank (that was a fun game) your into playstation? Im a 360 gamer though, halo, call of duty, ect.

    Once again, welcome. Everyone here is pretty cool, almost all of us are into diapers and stuff so your definitly not alone. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    Hope to see you around!

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    Oh there is? Whoops ^^;

    Actually, I'm more or less a Nintendo/SEGA Fan, Ratchet is really the only game(s) That I like for the playstation sadly. And I never got to play Halo or COD for very long, but they were cool for the little bit I did get to play them :P

    Thanks! Hope to see you around too

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    Welcome to the forum UltraCooLDude from Secret!

    I've always wanted to go there..

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    Welcome UltraCoolDude I am the resident lego here and I want to take over the world and ADISC in diapers and soon I will conquer Secret and you will bow down to me as my mind slave.

    Anyway I hope you enjoy your time here and I've been to a better Secret place called Narnia

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    Yeah!!! A new Cool Dude!! Ur a freshman and like videogames too. Weird huh? No? I should a start a CoolDudes only club cause ther's at least 3 on this site. Cool!
    P.S. I play Grand Theft Auto IV on 360

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    heya there welcome to the site

    Yeah major gamer here too ^^ well dont afraid to jump right in and post around we dont bite... Well I do a bit but I Gota have a habbit right?

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    The dude abides.

    I've met some dudes in my life, even some cool dudes, but never an ultra cool dude. I feel like I've gained a lot since logging on. Welcome to the ADISC! "That's an acronym," I flex my literary muscles to impress the new dude, all the while narrarting myself. Deciding I had said enough, I then cut myself off mid

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    lol thanks for the welcomes everyone ^_^

    @CoolDude: AHA so you're the other Cool Dude! And I'd join that club :P
    @Tommy and LegoKid: Yeah Secrets a great place, very cold though
    @Celtic: Habits are always good XD
    @Slang: Ultra Cool Dude is impressed with your literary skills, Slang.

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    We seriously need to stop being repetitive with names. My mind is self destructing with all these similarities!!!!!! Welcome to ADISC! Too bad the location secret doesn't have a football team.

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