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    Default New Abena Question...

    I have seen that the packaging has changed on all Abena products.
    Is there any differences with the diapers at all?

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    i have not noticed any change in them, I kinda like the nuber system, was too hard to know that a extra was better than a super, but an x-plus was the best

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    I just got my order last night when I got home and noticed the new package. I ws going ot call Gary at XP medical this mornign and ask if I got the right ones I used the Xplus at night and these don't say XPlus on them now.

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    Silly me, I recieved an order of Large X Plus a week ago and didn't even notice the new package... It says Abri-Form L4 on the outside...they are still the same X-Plus diapers as before though.


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    The Supers I got in September have the new packaging. I haven't noticed any differences, though.

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    I think Abena was trying to streamline branding with this package change.

    Would be nice to see some small upgrades to the diaper tho

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    Yeah I would think extra would be like 2.

    I guess the system goes...
    M/L 1 (plus)
    M/L 2 (super)
    M/L 3 (extra)
    M/L 4 (x-plus)

    Too bad there's no M/L 5 or 6 lol
    Can you imagine x-super or x-extra.
    That would be really be thick!

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    lol, actually, the case of M4s i got last week had a new pattern down the length of the thing interesting pattern, i wonder what my next case of L4s bring

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