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Thread: Scabby burning skin?

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    Default Scabby burning skin?

    Within the last few weeks i seem to have developed an odd graze-like burning itchy cut all across my left buttock and around the lower back that side. It had recently scabbed over slightly but today it tore on a part and I couldnt sit down for like 30 mins... i dont know how it looks but i showed my mum the lower back part and she asked me if id been assaulted so it must look bad...
    Anyone know possible causes and/or ways to speed the skin healing?

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    Don't wear anything that might suffocate your skin there. You know what that means!

    Your body will heal itself quickly if you expose it. That probably means laying in bed or something. It's a lot more difficult to give that place some air!

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    Wash it and let it dry completley then apply 2% cortizone cream or ointment, if this doesn't not stop it, you may need to get a stronger perscription cortizone cream from a doctor.

    The one thing you do not want to do is scratch it, that is a rash and my skin doctor told me that rashes like to be scratched this spreads it.

    The cortizone ends the iching and eventuly kills the bacteria and your skin will heal.

    I had a patch on both arms and it drove me nuts, finaly I went to the doctor and got a script and with the steriodal cortizone cream it was gone in no time and it never returned.

    Good luck bee

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    You might also try micatracin, and antibiotic cream. I would be concerned as to why the rash/infection is there. If it persists, see a doctor.

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    Thanks for the helpful posts, i'll give it some air for now and if it persists see a doctor to try and get some micatrin/steroidal cream.
    Thanks again :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    All those drynites you keep wearing!
    haha, i highly doubt it

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