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Thread: wearing diapers 24/7 can it hurt me

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    Default wearing diapers 24/7 can it hurt me

    let give a little back ground I used to wearing diaper been wear them most my life from take medication for pilisey cuase me bladder problems as side effect
    I'm switch medication now my new medication working well no side effect including the bladder problem but over year learn like feel of diapers and decide I want go 24/7 .
    What I would like to know if go 24/7 can hurt in anyway I know down road it will maybe make some what like incontinence but not fully but can it cuase any serouse medical problem going 24/7.

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    I'm 24/7 and have been for over 2 years now. I have not lost any control.

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    you never had any serous health problem from going 24/7 my mom told me you can get UTI , bed sores and so she work for nuurse home.
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    A urinary tract infection or diaper rash are about the worst things that can happen. If If you made the effort to untrain yourself in a decade or so it might be imposible to regain control because your muscles have atrophied.

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    Well now I don't got side effect from the medication anymore so deicde wear for 24/7 like did when I had the side effect I just got use to be in a diaper when feel when got to go instead hold it for potty run. I would think as long as keep my self clean and not stay in wet or mess diaper long time this worst thing would not happen to me from wear 24/7 I never had rash or UTI when had wear them for medical.
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    ::edit::... okay I was wrong on that count, for now. :P

    Anyways you were in diapers 24/7 before. They didn't do anything to you then, why should it be any different now?

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    It really is impossible to tell from the information here, it sounds like you have a somewhat complex medical history so I am hesitant to actually try and give a definitive answer. As such while I am going to try and address some of the thoughts raised, I do not mean to imply that they are (or are not) relevent to your specific situation.

    In general a UTI and pressure sores would be some of the possible complications of long term diaper used, though there are differences to be expected with those based both on gender and current lifestyle, in general, an active healthy person will be much less likely to suffer from pressure sores since you will be lacking the mechanism of injury. However, in susceptible populations pressure sores can post a serious health risk. As far as UTI's that gets a bit more complicated, so I won't go into the details of the risks, however I will note that UTI's can cause a lot of secondary problems due to the infection, some of which are either life threatening, or might at least permanently alter your quality of life.

    That said, those would not generally be side effects in otherwise healthy, active individuals who are responsible with usage. Another consideration is the psycho-social impact of extended diaper use as well as the monetary impact. I am sure there are also additional possible medical consequences if I went through and considered every possible mechanism, however, I think that would extend beyond the scope of this discussion, and be looking for zebras...

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    Use proper hygiene and you will be OK.

    That mean: proper skin care, changing often and if you mess a diaper, change it immediatly.

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    Well 22 year old male very actvice mve around alot and like said deal over active bladder in past instead take medication I decide deal with wear diaper 24/7 . I now am switching medication to better medication with no side effect like last one had what mean cure over bladder becuase one side from last epilisey medication.

    But over years got used wear diapers I going restrain myself but decide like wear 24/7 and both parents live with agree to let me and yeah that what thought to if keep clean change them after wet mess right way I'll be fine with out any of the worst problem also use baby powder and diaper rash cream too when need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylife247 View Post
    you never had any serous health problem from going 24/7 my mom told me you can get UTI , bed sores and so she work for nuurse home.
    Most people in a nursing home are either bed ridden or not very active. That's a completely different climate and completely different requirement for diaper use. You need diapers for active people and may suffer heat rashes from when you sweat in your diapers from lots of activities. Bed-ridden people get sore skin or rashes from wet diapers pushing against their skin all the time. That's not something you'll experience if you're active.
    Not sure about UTIs or how they come about from wearing diapers. I always thought they come from getting too cold in your crotch area, but diapers would actually keep the area warm, wouldln't they?

    Other than that, I wouldn't recommend using your diapers for #2 long term, as you may end up having accidents at inconvenient times. If you do go #2, at least control it until you're at home or in private.


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