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    My name isn't Slang, but in regards to topics such as those that this forum is based around, and amongst those who enjoy them it is the name I go by. I'm 18, just out of high school. First got into diapers when I was younger, early teens I guess. It was something that was a really big part of my (secret) life, but it wasn't the healthiest addiction for me. It was a bit life consuming so I gave it all up about a year and a half ago, maybe a bit longer. I think it was a good choice for myself.

    Recently started checking stuff out again, mostly on this site deeker(.)com, I don't know if any of you are familiar or not. Anyways, I mostly into doing stories. About two or three years ago, I got sick of all the stories that were super simple and only about the basic subject of dipaer fetishes. Haveing read some stories that went deeper than that, I was inspired to write my own. So I started one, which I never ended up finishing because about 7 chapters in I walked away from all of this.

    Came back recently, and while I don't have that same urge like I used to, I was interested in finishing my story. I was just going to post in are the aforementioned website, but I remembered only getting a handful of intelligent responses to it. Not that I think my writing is above anybody, it's just that some people only read stories to get off, where I find them to be a creative vent, or something like that. So when I get a reply to something that took a long time to write that says "yay diapers!" it doesn't actually feel like I accomplished much.

    So I decided to find a forum. I've been on forums before (never one like this, though), and I know that whatever members there are care enough to invest some time into whatever subject the site is based around, in this case, diapers. I've checked a few out, and this seems to be the run pretty well with a bunch of members who can actuall display some intelligence and maturity. So I figured I'd post my story here, see what you guys thought, and maybe improve the next part of it which is now in the works. Along the way, maybe I contribute to some discussions in a good way, and give back to the place I hope to get something from. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    So yeah, good to here I guess.

    (For the record, I generally go on and on about stuff, if that wasn't obvious already)

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    (Don't worry, I don't think anyone noticed your rambling.)

    But seriously, welcome to ADISC! I think I understand how you feel. I do a bit of story writing myself, just got back into it after a hiatus. I also took a hiatus from the whole diaper thing at one point too.

    I'm sure you'll find that ADISC has many members who can give you intelligent comments, and constructive criticism on your works. Stick around.

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    Hey thanks dude. Wouldn't mind reading some of your stuff if you've posted it or something. Send me a link or something.

    Checked around the site and seems that it's really active with a lot of dedicated members. Pretty sweet stuff to see.

    Anyways, thanks for the welcome dude.

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    Hey there Slang. Interesting choice of name .

    Yes, almost everyone here is familiar with Deeker. It appears to be a forbidden topic to discuss here, as his site is loaded with fap material, and only has a few 'good' stories. I have been there, many times, and yes, I found the site through his website. Needless to say, I'm glad I found this place.

    Indeed, we are capable of giving more...'intelligent' comments on stories, and other things as well, than those you would find on other sites. We have dozens of stories here, and we have quite a number of very good ones. Might I recommend BabyStar, I, Infantilist, A Weekend with my Cousins, and one written by me, Brothers. (None of these stories are finished, by the way. They are all in progress.) I'm sure your story will receive positive comments as well.

    You seem to be a very intelligent person. Unlike other newbies, you actually posted a well-thought out introduction. (Not saying that people who don't post good intros are bad, I posted a pretty awful one myself )

    I think you'll enjoy it here! Feel free to ask questions, check out the chat, all that good stuff. So, welcome!

    --The Foxxeh Assassin--

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    Hi; nice to have you aboard.

    It is not forbidden to talk about Deeker; there are many threads about him and his site, and others which mention him. For instance, I wrote some comments a while back in one thread about why I think we should hesitate to do actual harm to his site. I don't defend the morality of his site's content, just it's right to exist.

    It's just that his site supports views that most of us look down on, and is not of interest to us. Most of us have been there, even if briefly; but it is a stagnant site, in appearance, and focus, and is devoted in the main to one type of fap-fantasy, which few of us share. If some people here do share Deeker's fantasies, they keep it to themselves, and get on here just fine.

    As a writer, if you are looking for an audience who will welcome your work and appreciate it, beyond just liking it, you have come to the right place. The audience here may be a little more critical though, demanding a higher standard than many other places. So in exchange for being applauded by a more sophisticated audience, one may face more exacting criticism. The same goes for any sort of art.

    On the other hand, as long as you have a thick skin, and understand the if and when some feedback isn't all praise and adulation remember it is from only a fraction of us, and is meant to be constructive and helpful.

    So we look forward to your contributions; and if they are praiseworthy they will be praised. We like good work, and are not stingy with praise when it is deserved. Personally, I think you'll like it here, and find us an appreciative audience.

    About two or three years ago, I got sick of all the stories that were super simple and only about the basic subject of diaper fetishes. Having read some stories that went deeper than that, I was inspired to write my own.
    This bodes well.

    As to your interest in the fetish waxing and waning, that is pretty common among people, and many here report going through the same kind of thing; some leave when the lose or repress their interest; others who want to stay among friendly people who understand where the guy in his purge phase is coming from (or going to) find they are no less welcome, and in fact we are happy to help a person through a period of loss of interest in the fetish, even a permanent one.

    Yes, its true, if a diaper-lover makes friends among fellow enthusiasts and loses his enthusiasm there is no rule that says he must lose the friends he made along the way.

    Welcome to ADISC.

    (For the record, I generally go on and on about stuff, if that wasn't obvious already)
    Never stopped me none; You see I'm also sometimes a bit of a rambler...
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    Welcome to ADISC! It is completely fine about rambling around since it is better than one word posts! Do you have any interests or hobbies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    Welcome to ADISC! It is completely fine about rambling around since it is better than one word posts! Do you have any interests or hobbies?
    Thanks, and no, but I am interested in hobbies. Lovely subject, I could talk about all the stamps I don't collect for hours.

    But more (though not too) seriously, I'm really into music. I'm in first year of college doing a two-year music program right now, it's pretty much what I do. Mostly play Metal, some Punk, maybe some Jazz now and then. I also really like Wednesday. I don't think that's a hobby, but man, that is a solid day. It's like, the middle of the work / school week, so you know that you're half way to the weekend, and it's also got that weird "dn" combo. Yeah. I also like talking, or typing. Just look at me go.

    What about you sir, aside from sports (like, ya know, with the football avatar and basbeall sig) are you into anything? Eating hamsters perhaps? Mowing lawns? It's not all about talking about me, just regard the thread title man.

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    Eating hamsters? No... that's wrong. Those take more energy to cook than you get out of them. It's not a very worthwhile trade.

    So you DON'T collect stamps?

    You play video games at all? That's what I do. Just found the last "Power to the People" in Bioshock. I wished I had a diaper when the "supposed" statues backflipped and kicked me in the face... WTF MAN! lol Probably going to play some mad COD:MW2 after Christmas (I don't have Xbox live until then anyway so I don't mind.)

    EDIT: Completely forgot why I was posting in the first place... PM me when your story is finished. I hate getting part way through a story and having the whole TO BE CONTINUED thing. (I'm looking at you Chris Paolini ) PM me with any other good, finished stories you find too. I'm trying to find a copy of 100 Years of Solitude but nobody I talk to has ever heard of it.
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    Dude, somebody who can go off about nothing as well as I can, and Canadian too. What a winner.

    Don't really do video games. Don't even have a console right now, and didn't use it when I did. Not that I'm anti-video game, just not my favourite way to spend time, ya know?

    Also, Farsight is finished, I'm just posting it in pieces at a time. Should be up in it's entirety within in a week. I just want to give people a chance to read some and take a break, and not be overwhelming with the chapters (whichare usually kinda long). So yeah, take a look at it in a few days I guess. As for Farsight 2, well I've started already and it should all be up before Christmas (it's a lot short, 4 or 5 chapters). But whatever, I'll keep you updated I guess. Nice to hear you're interested in reading it man.

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    Welcome there Rambler Supreme! I hope you enjoy the site, there's a lot of good people here.

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