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Thread: Good Greif...What is everyone's Problem here?

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    Default Good Greif...What is everyone's Problem here?

    I post a defensive statement to defend myself with honest reasoning and i get walloped with negativity and a bad rep and my statement gets deleted for the wrong reasons when it should be the other way around....

    Isn't it supposed to be reward the good and punish the bad? Guess there is no's just us...

    This site isn't worth it no more...( was gonna bring alot of people I know but forget it now )

    And this is sad....

    Have fun everyone....and good day...I'm not coming back....this site is becoming a waste of my time....and the admin have show bad morals! I'm very dissappointed....I'll prolly get banned and all because that's they're only way to truely fix something like me even though I never did anything wrong to begin with...

    But I'm leaving this forwarning to everyone and I wanted everyone who is good to know about the good being punished for the wrong reasons....

    Where they cut my head off.....2 more will grow in my place....and it won't be by my doing either...

    Ta Ta everyone...I'm out for good as of today!

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    ...I never even knew you were here. Sorry things didn't work out for you, whoever you may be. Good luck in the next land.

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    Honestly if your going to get upset because someone neg reped you, I am amazed you stayed here this long. Not to be mean but a lot of your posts come across as rude and offensive.

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    Hey... he just curious...

    He explored this site... found out he doesn't like it...

    and now he is on his way.

    So let us all go and play!

    (um I a horrible poet... sorry. :P. Tata for now. Hope you find a better diaper site... might be tough... but goodluck!)

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    Could someone please tell the Admin to delete my account too. I tried to do it but it says I can't due to some annoying cool down period which I have never seen for any site. I won't be coming back to do it. Thanks.

    Or Block my IP....either or....IDC anymore...
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    Certainly a 'forboding' 'forwarning'. Lolz.

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    This thread is Jawesome*!

    *Jaw-droppingly awesome.

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