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Thread: Can Wearing Diapers 24/7 lead to Incontinence?

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    Default Can Wearing Diapers 24/7 lead to Incontinence?

    I've heard several specatations and rumors but could never find any actual truth anywhere yet as to whether or not if someone were to wear diapers constantly 24/7 for long periods of time whether or not it could actually lead to incontinence or maybe even some incontinence. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this or is it all myth?

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    There have been several discussions on this topic. Try using the search next time.

    To answer the question (unsatisfactorily unfortunately) yes, if you let it happen, and over a long time. All we have is word-of-mouth from other members.

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    eh i'm too lazy tonite to do so

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    even though he just pointed out that we carried out this discussion many times here on Adisc here's my thoughts.

    The answer to me is "No".

    The reasoning, you'll need to constantly have your muscles relaxed which doesn't happen at night since your body insensitively tightens the bladder muscles at night that way you don't wet the bed. Which is why wetting the bed is considered a medical problem in the first place, asides from the health risk of sleeping in a wet bed.

    Also another big nail in its coffin are babies.. nearly all of us were raised in diapers and we wore then 24/7 some of us even for our first 4 years alive. Yet we were able to be potty trained. If you really want a answer though, ask a doctor.

    Also ABy, it helps to talk about stuff other then diapers here too. This site just isn't diapers and nothing else. If you prefer that I think daily diapers is the better website for you.

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    Okay, then. Don't expect us to repeat ourselves. Here comes a two page thread!

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    Not unless you make a conscious effort to stop holding it in for a few months.

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    What do you mean you're too lazy? Do a search before you post another thread with a question that's been answered 10+ times.

    I'd answer your question, but I'm too lazy to tonight.

    ** This post has been mentally edited to remain PG. **

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    FireBlox...first off I appreciate the input......and second off DONT EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO especially with TOPIX!

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    Short answer: yes, it can, but it takes many years and isn't something you want.

    Long answer:
    Your bladder/bowel muscles are like any other muscle. If you neglect to exercise them, they get weaker. Over time, they can get so weak that they won't be useful to you. So a long period of time NOT controlling yourself can lead to incontinence.

    (1) If you 'held it', despite being diapered, your muscles would likely remain strong and this would never be an issue.
    (2) Even if you diddn't, it would likely take months/years to have this effect.
    (3) Even if this effect did occur, it should be reversible with training.
    (4) There is no safe way to make yourself incontinent faster than this. DO NOT TRY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AByHeaven View Post
    FireBlox...first off I appreciate the input......and second off DONT EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO especially with TOPIX!

    Dude, really?

    Nobody cares if you are lazy. There is no point in making a new thread on something that as already been discussed before in much detail in the past.

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