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Thread: Teens.. have you ever messed at school?

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    Default Teens.. have you ever messed at school?

    I was wondering if anyone has messed at school. I was considering doing it just for the adrenaline factor and the fact that I bet it'd feel really good. Anyone ever do it?

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    no way, that would be such a mistake :-\

    gosh, i hope you don't try it... that would be pretty dumb.

    and don't forget all of those people that would have to smell it yuck... save it for when you're at home in private. there's way to many ramifications to warrant any such thing...

    if I haven't come close to driving the point home: DON'T DO IT

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    Just no... I won't go into any reasons why this would be the most idiotic thing you could possibly ever do.

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    Never do that you will be bullied for the rest of your life about it

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    Really? Haha I don't really care what anyone else thinks.. I already have my friends.

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    NO! NO! NO!

    Just don't do it.. IMHO, it is downright rude to crap yourself in public.. Nobody wants to smell that anyway.. think about the feelings of others before doing this, and have a little respect for their comfort. No one wants their air polluted by a shitty diaper! Do this at home, where you won't disturb anyone.

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    Would people really notice? I assumed that the diaper would somewhat hold in the smell.

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    I take it you've never messed in a diaper before... have you?

    Believe me... you are used to your own smells... so it won't bother you much... but anyone else can smell a messy diaper from 50 feet.

    Ever step in dog crap? You can smell that can't you?

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    You won't, but they probably will.. Since you didn't say anything about wearing a diaper.. you will ruin a perfectly good pair of pants, and ithey'll sag, and even if it doesn't smell, everyone will still know.

    You need to ask yourself if you are willing to ruin your reputation, just to have "fun."

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