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Thread: Everyday use diaperbags?

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    Default Everyday use diaperbags?

    Lately the backpack i have been using has ben working pretty good but now days I find my self carrying more stuff that then to crush my spare diapers i carry.

    So i was when i was with my auntie the other day with her baby I was looking at her bag and noticed that it had alot of room and nice compartments for to keep the diapers from getting smashed or extar stuff the baby needed.

    After I left i went to a store that sold diaperbags but they was all Femmin or to babyish. ( can't believe i have to pass on something that babyish >_< )

    Anyone know where i can find a Diaperbag that can pass for a normal bag?

    I found this one on amazon but just wanted to see if anyone knows anything better. Link here

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    Hey Siddy,

    I bought a really cool, really inexpensive black diaper bag (made by Jeep) at Walmart a month ago. It's awesome! It's big enough to hold all my stuff, and it could very easily pass as some other type of luggage (the lady who rang me up didn't even seem to notice it was a diaper bag, lol).

    I created a thread about it shortly after buying it: My post on my new diaper bag. Take a look, there should be a link on there that will take you to their website.

    Hope that helps. I used to use a backpack too. It was awful compared to what I have now. Good luck, best wishes,

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    Butterfly Mage


    I use my laptop bag as a diaper bag. It's got all kinds of compartments in it, and so it's pretty easy to carry a few diapers, my netbook, and all my gadgets around.

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    I have a great compartmented bag from my vidio camera, not a hell of alot of room for tons of stuff but enough for a few changes and things you need.

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    Grizzy is right, jeep stuff usually just says "JEEP" on it

    Can also try just getting a backpack with a laptop compartment in one of the pouches(Usually has some padding to prevent damage to the computer), and put your damageable supplies in that compartment

    Best of luck!

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    Tryed getting the Jeep bag but they wont ship it to me because im not in the US and no Jeep dealers here. So got one off from amazon made by Diaper dude (not the one in my first post.) that looked pretty good should be here on Friday. I 'll let you know if i like it.

    Thanks for the help guys

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    I have a laptop bag that I got for free, I didn't fit my lappy so I figured it made a perfect diaper bag! Laptop bags have tons of compartments and lots of room, so it works great!

    I'm a computer guy so nobody suspects me carrying it.

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    well i am sorry to here you had such issues with the jeep bags. There was a different type that is faint in my brain but they are made for dad's and are not babish at all.

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    Honestly, I'm a little surprised that no AB company has put out an adult diaper bag yet -- seems like they make everything else. Anyway, I, too, am growing tired of using a backpack, and I want to get a real diaper bag. Before I go out and get the jeep bag (which, minus the fact that it doesn't have internal pockets, looks great), I have a question for those who have used baby diaper bags: how useful are the pockets? That is, being designed for baby stuff, are they too small adult diapers, adult plastic pants, or other adult clothes, or do you manage just the same?

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