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Thread: Babyfur meetup at AC 2010! UPDATES!

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    Default Babyfur meetup at AC 2010! UPDATES!

    So it's been a while since I made the original ADISC meetup topic, and I was just checking out the Greyhound site for bus tickets, and found that AC finally updated their site!

    Anthrocon 2010: Modern Stone-Age Furries, June 24-27 2010 | "Fur, Fun, And So Much More!"

    It's from June 24th to June 27th, still in Pittsburgh. This is a change in the dates from what had previously been posted so I thought I'd keep everyone up to date.

    h3g3l and I were originally set to drive together, but unfortunately he has had some car issues, so we will most likely both be bussing. Sila and Fallen are on-board as far as I know, but due to more unfortunate circumstances, doodle and Lexa will most likely not be attending. I'm unsure of ShippoFox, although I know he was interested originally, and Falkio is still on the fence as well.

    So for sure or mostly sure we have:


    For unsure we have:
    Hypnotoad (he has expressed interest)
    Baby Jake

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    Please count me out. I appreciate the invite, but must decline for personal reasons. I am withdrawing from both communities at large after Further Confusion. All that needed to be said - has. And all I needed to know about myself, is now well-understood.

    I need to get back to normal life for a couple of years. I took my "walk on the wild side".

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    I might try to fly up. With a few furry's or none. I'm thinking about trying RCFM Of the fur con in Texas. I need about 600-900$ to go.
    I promise not to molest all of you too much. Unless grizzy comes then it's free game.

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    Uh... yeah... I'm 100% going. Never been any doubt about it since ever so dunno where the uncertainty came from

    Would be nice if this meetup actually happened unlike AC09.

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    I won't forget you Thallis

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    I'll go, but I'm not a furry., Just go to hang out with like minded people and dl's...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdeadx View Post

    I won't forget you Thallis

    It's cause no one cares 'bout kitties.

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    I love kitties.

    Also, how are Thallis and I gonna go on a date if I don't show up?


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