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Thread: Big Halloween Baby Pictures!

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    Default Big Halloween Baby Pictures!

    I had an absolute blast walking around in my diapers and sleeper!
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    Default Chest hair

    People have different feelings about men's chest and abdominal hair. I got hooked on staying hairless via regular waxings when I first did it to get rid of the undergrowth spilling out of my speedo that was quite visible before and after wearing a wetsuit for scuba dives. My wife suggested that I also get my torso waxed, and now, hair on my chest would feel very foreign. I get it done about every 5 weeks. Over time, the hair comes back thinner and slower after each session.

    Chest hair is vestigial, meaning it possibly helped the cave men but we don't need it. Like the appendix.


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    Away from the topic of your hairy body, did you use the diaper?

    Bet that felt quite weird but nice at the same time

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    Yes, I'm hairy. Thanks for noticing

    As for my diaper, I had 3 on, an ABU, a Bambino and a pampers sz 7 underneath. The bamino didn't have holes in it, so the ABU stayed dry. When I took my diapers off at the end of the night, they weighed about 4 pounds! I hadn't used the bathroom in about 14 hours

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    Man, 14 hours? O.o

    Must not drink too much water, Id've changed like, 3 times in 14 hours :P

    Nice though, you must've really confused anyone who saw you, heh

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    love to here that 14 hours not using the bathroom and then using your diapers. that must have been a great feeling.

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