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    Just got off work about 10 and was wantin to know about other ab/tb/dls who work and where

    i work at ups loading trailers its pretty repettive scan stack repeat but it aint bad for a student at $8.50 an hour i cant complain to much about it and the benifits after a year will be worth it

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    Unfortunalty, Im unemployed. I have been trying to get my first job for a while now, but no one had called me back yet. Hopfully someone will call back for the christmas rush.

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    Lots of places, Only the ones in walking distance though. I need to be able to get there and back rather quickly. Anyways, I have tried Best Buy, Cineplex (theatre), and Petland. Im hoping Petland calls back, I have always loved that store.

    I am going to try a few more places. Canadian Tire, Rona, Superstore or Zellers (but probably not superstore. Thats were I get my diapers from, what the hell would I do then?)

    So yeah, hopfully, someday soon I will be making good cash.

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    I used to have a job at a local diner in my hometown. I worked there for 3 years, and then I just went up north to college, so I plan to get settled in before rushing off to get another one (also doesn't help I didn't bring my truck up with me).

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    i work every second weekend with my dad as a plumber, it's fairly back-breaking work but it pays $500 per day so i'm not complaining about anything.

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    at the moment im out of a job, damn economy but ive had loads and loads of jobs. my fav was probally when i worked in a cinema, that was a sweet job. oh also when i used to wrestle, now that i think of it yeah wrestling was my fav job. to bad i had to retire but oh well

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    Right now I'm a full-time student.

    For the past few summers, I was working at a Mexican restaurant, but I found out the other day that the one in my town closed. So it's off to job hunting again.

    I'm going for a lifeguarding job though.

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    concrete construction for this pup, been doing it for 7 years now and really enjoying it, yes it's a lot of labor work as well as carpentry but it's satisfying at the end of the day.

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