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Thread: Diaper in the Shower

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    Default Diaper in the Shower

    ever put on a diaper then gotten into the shower?

    Or am I the only one who does weird stuff like that? I just love the feeling of it all swelling up super big.

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    I tried it once, I wanted to see how big it would get. (it got pretty big)

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    I'm known for doing that with a hole pack of diapers, then squishing them all makeing a big gooy mess.

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    i love doin that its great multiple diapers on and just lettin them fill up and the weight of them is great

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    I did it by accident one time. Took off my shirt, got distracted by taking pills and shaving then jumped into the shower. I was /really/ tired, and well, it was yucky and messy for me. It's not my bag, baby

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    Never done that... but I can imagine it. Sounds cool, so I might try it and post here the results!

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    I've done it numerous times, and really enjoy it. It's even something my partner is interested in trying.

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