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Thread: Commercial Christmas-sickness

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    Thumbs down Commercial Christmas-sickness

    As we all know, Christmas is approaching and y'all are having a good time spending money on your family. I do have one problem with this, and it is all about timing. Retail stores are already selling Christmas related items and it's just after Halloween. I mean, come on man; Isn't this a bit early?! The very first day we had snow the local Menards was frickin stocked to the brim with Christmas crap for sale, and it was just 3 weeks before Halloween for Pete sake. I do believe there should be a law that states this: "The sale of holiday related items shall be prohibited up to 2 days after the immediately preceding holiday. Failure to comply with this law will result in a fine of X <insert currency>." I love Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Easter, and that German holiday that involves lots of alcohol (I can't seem to think of its name right now); but retail stores have taken those holidays (Christmas especially), and have made it into nothing more than a contest of who can sell the most holiday related items the fastest just because they set it out first.

    What gives?

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    What gives is commercialism, and the media. Quite frankly, all commercials are starting to drive me batty....not that I had that far to drive...haha. But yes, I agree. Right now we have been flooded by election commercials. They are completely negative and disgusting. There are some Christmas commercials I like, as they make the season present, and remind me of when I was a kid. Things were a little different back then.

    The reality of Christmas and businesses is that most retail stores make their only profit during Christmas. If they don't make it in December, they stay in the red ink for the entire year. With the downturn in the economy, I'm sure they are worried. So they advertise. The problem is that we have become a nation with no moral foundation, no real feel for right and wrong. It's all about the money. The whole message of Christmas is living to a higher, spiritual standard.

    The message of Christmas is one of peace and love, of accepting one another and forgiveness. Commercialism has perverted all of this into a vague wintertide festival of buying the biggest gifts and drinking the right alcohol. I have always loved the music of Christmas, both religious and secular. I love the decorations and the lights, the carolers, and the emphasis on family get togethers, whether it's around the dinner table, or in the family room with a fire burning in the wood stove.

    The mot meaningful part of Christmas for me is Christmas Eve. when I play the midnight service. We sing the great traditional hymns, anthems, and in the end, light candles while the lights go down in the sanctuary and we sing Silent Night. Then you walk out into this cold starry night, or maybe a light snow is beginning to softy fall. I go home and put another log on the fire and listen to King's College sing lessons and carols from my stereo knowing the family has come together. Let no commercialism ruin the true meaning of love and companionship, and the great eternal movement among the stars and into our lives.

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    I don't watch a lot of tv, listen to the radio, or go to stores, so I'm completely oblivious to all of this commercialism crap. It's really refreshing.

    Christmas for me is all about the tree, the togetherness, and the happiness. My mom still pretends to be Santa, and we still get the same theme presents. We have so many family traditions on Christmas, it's so much fun. And we always listen to the Christmas music which I love a lot. Just try your hardest to ignore the commercialism and really get down to the meaning of Christmas.

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    When there is a recession, stores try to find new ways to make money. Pushing Christmas sales early is a method to bring more customers. The whole concept of Christmas and commercialism creates a newly found generation of kids who think Jesus' birthday is meaningless and the true lord on this day is Santa. Santa doesn't exist muthafuckers and greedy and old muthafuckers are trying to steal your parents money by making them buy gifts to ya. Buying gifts is fine but don't think that Christmas is just that. What happened to midnight mass? What happened to family unity? What happened to just saying Happy Bday Jesus Christ? Why is it that Christmas morning is only served for "fuck you Santa, I didn't want this shit" rather than "Happy Bday Jesus and thank you for what you did". Our society is totally fucked about this and commercialism has only destroyed the true meaning of Christmas that has existed for the past 2000 years. Thanks for the topic. Black Friday is coming up and that I cannot judge cause I love shopping.

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    The whole subject is very upsetting for me. Just another nail in society's coffin. I also agree there should be some law for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi View Post
    "bought gifts for his family back in July"
    Lol that's amazing!!!

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    Not being of xtian faith or doing the whole xmas thing, all the xmas indoctrination is a total mind frack since you can't go anywhere without hearing the music or buy food/household products without xmas stuff on the labels. Hey, nothing against those who are into it, but does it need to be on every frackin' thing every frackin' where? Just need to turn it down from 11.

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    Yes it is sad how commericalism has destroyed one of the better holidays. Whatever happened to that grand old celebration of the winter solstice?

    Winter is time where the bitter cold reminds us of our struggles and hardships; reminds us of what it means to be alive. It freezes our souls, gives us time to reflect upon ourselves, and prepares us for our coming rebirth in the spring. It's the time when families and friends come together in the mutual understanding of links that bind us all.

    It's a shame that society has all but completely obliterated that. Now instead of togetherness, people are fighting for petty material items to curb their inner sorrow.You really need only two things during christmas/winter season: your being, and someone to share it with.

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    I've never really been bothered by it although I get why people do get annoyed. I do agree that some shops but stuff out ridiculously early but that is when some poeple want to buy stuff, holidays are really exciting times and people get carried away. Also with the recession on it's easier to spread the costs out over the months rather that just over one month.

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