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Thread: P.O. Boxes and UPS Stores?

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    Default P.O. Boxes and UPS Stores?

    This is a really stupid question and I don't even know why I bother... Are there any websites that deliver to P.O. Boxes? (Specifically Diaper Supply and JumpinJammers [or related sites]) It's just that I can't get anything delivered to my house.

    What about UPS stores?


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    Go with the UPS store.

    I have a P.O. Box and it's a pain in the ass with shipping. FedEx and UPS can't deliver to P.O. Boxes. Most sites that offer free shipping are only through FedEx or UPS anyway. You would have to have it shipped through the USPS which usually results in higher shipping costs. However, the UPS store boxes are slightly more expensive.

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    Well, I just noticed that you're 15 so you will run into a problem there. I'm not sure specifically, the terms for the UPS store is but with the USPS the minimum age requirement is 16 with proof of address and multiple forms of ID. Chances are, you won't be able to do this without an adult.

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    Oh, I won't be doing this till I can drive to the UPS store by myself. So, after october 2010 (when i am 16 and have my full licence)

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    I have a P.M.B. at a UPS store. I chose that over a P.O. box for obvious reasons. You don't need to have a box at FedEx or UPS stores to get a delivery there, but most places charge a pick-up fee for you to ship there. I think the store I use charges $5.00 for those without a box there.
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    I usually have Bambinos ship my supply via USPS. I can't count on the UPS man to deliver at a specific time of day, so I just go with USPS. Since I live in the middle of the US, UPS is usually the cheapest, followed by USPS, with FedEx being simply outrageous. With USPS, I can count on predicable delivery 99% of the time (which is very important for me). Now many should take this with a grain of salt since I live in a small town. Other members here (especially those who live in large cities) have reported mishaps with USPS, making my experience something most could only wish for. Best of all, no pick-up or hold fee. The only thing I fear is my mom getting to the post office before I do when the yellow slip appears in the box.

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    I used to receive diaper shipments at my local UPS store. Each store is independently operated, so call ahead to find out the store you want to send it to's policies. The one I used, you just called them ahead of time to let them know to expct it, and then they'd charge a flat $2 fee per box (regardless of carrier). It worked pretty well for me.

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    XP med will ship them to a P.O box. but you do have to pay shipping.

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    UPS Store for sure, if it's not strictly a UPS Store(if it's just a pickup location for UPS), you might be able to get an unnofficial mailbox there too(I've got one across the border, 20$/year to have letters mailed there, and 2$/package I pick up)

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