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Thread: Wet or Messy or None?

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    Default Wet or Messy or None?

    How many of you all actually use or diaper as in wet and/or mess your diaper and how many of you just like wearing a diaper just to have one on?

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    This is probably the most basic question that can come up from a dl. I don't do it a lot cause it is more sexual for me so I can say I pee like once a month and poop like every 4 months.

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    i wet and mess, i don't mess as much but that is only because i don't have time to otherwise i would do just as much as i wet

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    I can make a poll when this topic closes. Don't want to overcrowd the topics.

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    lol, I forgot about the polls....DOH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    I pee like once a month and poop like every 4 months.
    That can't be healthy!

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    Point Blanch i'm gonna steal your picture if that's alright.

    On topic:
    I do wet every diaper I wear, but I only simulate the other end. It's much too disgusting to me to try the real thing.

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    I'll wet, but that's it. I've never intentionally messed, but did experience it a tad bit a few times when I was really sick. I didn't enjoy that one bit.

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