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Thread: Which do you like Better - Cloth or Disposable?

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    Default Staring up the age old arguement Again

    Ok i was wondering which was better or is it all in the person

    Cloth Or Disposiaple??

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    Probably all personal preference. I've never tried cloth, though one of these days I will I'm sure. At the moment, I'd have to say disposable since it's all I've ever tried.

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    I prefer the disposable kind myself. Bambinos usually. I've never tried a cloth diaper before, but I might have to one day.

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    Usually it depends on what you wore as a baby/toddler because you are replicating that experience. That said, it may depend on how wet you want to feel. Personally, I like feeling wet, so I use cloth, but I grew up with cloth, and in a poor neighborhood. People didn't have dryers, so you would see the diapers drying out on the clothes lines. Even as a little kid, this would drive me crazy. I'm surprised I didn't steal any, accept I think I was afraid I would get caught.

    Anyway, diapers are in the eyes of the beholder.

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    Disposable, though Im not even sure what I grew up in. Anyways, I have never tried cloth (real cloth anyways, towels don't count). I don't like the idea of washing a cloth diaper. Its alot easier to just remove it from sight and mind in the garbage. Maybe a bit more costly in the long run, but I just prefer disposables.

    My opinion is that they are equal. They have equal benefits and disadvantages, to me it looks like its a perfect balance.

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    c im not sure i really wanna try cloth but the cost more money to get

    and i live in a dorm. Diapers not such a good idea here
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    Your about to get nailed by a mod for triple posting, lol!

    Edit: make it quadrople posting

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    Ok ok i really wanna try cloth out tho but they cost more to get and i live in a dorm.

    My comp fucked up or my internet they both suck
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    Default Which do you like Better - Cloth or Disposable?

    Which diaper do you like better? Cloth or Disposable? And Why?

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    The thread I linked to already asks this question. Here at ADISC, we don't like starting redundant threads.

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