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Thread: Adult Baby Parties Anyone?

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    Default Adult Baby Parties Anyone?

    Just curious but does anyone or any Mommys or Daddies ever host any Adult Baby Parties? Just wondering...

    Bored so I thought'd I'd ask...

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    I have heard of a few happening. Not sure how you would get invited.

    There is was a AB camping week held in Alberta every summer for the past few years but I think that fell apart.

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    sounds fun... but no. i go to bdsm parties quite frequently... and there is usually some sort of ageplay involved. wth those... its invite only... so you have to meet the host at a munch or other public gathering, or be vouched for by somebody.

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    Yes I do!

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    I've been to one just yesterday, although it wasn't hosted by mommies or daddies but rather by the a group of members of a German forum, with me being part of that group.
    Dealing with 70 people isn't easy and very exhausting! *drops dead*


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    I have, DF and I host one every year, tough this year we have desided to start a monthly gathering to increase attendance. We will meet for the first time Saterday.

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    I've always wanted to go to one...but since I'm a caretaker.....

    ....yeah, not exactly comfy.

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    I'd consider hosting one if I had a bigger appartment. Maybe someday.


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    I went to one in Eastern Kentucky once. It was weird, all men except for two women. Still had fun, though.

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