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Thread: The "WTF is up with that" news topic.

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    Default The "WTF is up with that" news topic.

    I am making this topic so we can all post those What The ____ stories that happen either locally or nationally. Hopefully most will be funny.

    That said, I'll kick it off.


    A guy tries stealing a Ferret from a pet store by stuffing it in the front of his pants. The Ferret seems to be unharmed and the guy was arrested.

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    Bat incident at Spurs Game makes Manu Ginobli a web hit

    At the Spurs-Kings game, they have a 5 minute Halloween Bat Delay when they need to clear a bat off the field. Spurs player Manu Ginobli takes one swipe at the bat with his left had and bats it to the ground. He later picks up the bat, and gives it to another guy to dispose of it. I know now that PETA must be pissed.

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    I don't know if anyone ever listened to the radio show ,,Loveline'' when Adam Carolla was the host, but they had a segment called "Germany or Florida!" The theory was that the strangest news stories in the world came out of either Germany or Florida, so callers would call up with a story and Adam would guess which one (and be right about 80% of the time!).
    So here's a Germany or Florida:
    Animal escapes at primary school show-and-tell... animal control has to be called

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    the world record for 'biggest snowball fight' broken in.... belgium? wtf?

    television coverage <- dutch

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