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    there is a web sight called UnderJams Night Wear Bedwetting Protection Made Private and they offer a free sample, i live with my mom and she is home during the week leaving me alone on the weekends, and i need to know how underjams ships, because i havn't told my mom yet, can someone help me

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    I can tell you it would not be a good idea to get a free sample. You're giving them your address, and they'll use it. It's highly likely they'll send you leaflets, etc. that you might not want your mother to see!

    I guess you could use a fake name or something, but it's risky regardless of when they send it to you.

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    Here is a video of the package the free sample came in.
    YouTube - diaper review

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    I never got anything else from them, at all, after getting the sampel.

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    I got a free sample of them sent to me once and I can tell you without a doubt, it is NOT packed discreetly. First off, it's clearly marked as to what is inside, and on top of that, in big bold letters is says "Mom, Your free sample is enclosed" or something to that effect. Since I'm on my own now, I didn't really care, but you might.

    However, I can't see any reason why you just can't use a fake name. Put your address, use a fake name, and if your parent's get to it before you do, then most likely it wouldn't be a big deal, just shrug it off as a mistake. If it's your name on the package, then you might have a little explaining to do.

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