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Thread: Diaper Dreams?

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    Default Diaper Dreams?

    Ok, I did the check to see if this topic had been posted before and it had...but the thread was closed, and only about 2 pages long.

    My question is...for those of you who have had dreams involving diapers...what were they about.

    In my life I have had 3 dreams that recur which involve diapers. They are never exactly the same but always sort of similar.

    The first involves me going back to my childhood, and sneaking into a house in the neighborhood that I grew up in. It was a friends house, and his sister was still in diapers...every so often I have this dream that I can easily sneak into this house and get diapers.

    The second dream is also sort or a flash back. It involves me, wearing a diaper and just hanging out and watching TV with my old girlfriend from high school...except we are our current ages. In the dream, she is not diapered, but doesn't care that I am and keeps checking me to see if I need to be changed.

    The last one is really just me having a great supply of diapers of all kinds (although mostly old plastic backed pampers) available in my house and being able to fit into them without any problems.

    What, if any diapered dreams have you all had?


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    Ah, good thread. Can't wait to see other peoples dreams (I have a fascination with dreams)

    I have had a couple, first one that comes to mind is; My family and I were at our grandparents house, it was pushing 10pm and we were all pretty tired. Me and my brother had seperate rooms, mine was a master bedroom (odd I know) that was full of antique furniture. (Kind of spooky being in there) And my brothers was a babies room. He was disappointed the he got this room and I heard him burst out the door of his room say "Why do I get the baby room!? Just because I am smaller?" I slowly walked out my door and my mom came over whispering that we should change rooms. At first I was disgusted at the idea, but my mom made go into this room.

    There was no bed, just a crib and everything else you'd expect in a baby's room. I then realized I was small, I was looking up at the crib. I wouldn't be able to climb in myself so I looked around for something to climb on to. I opened the closet and found, of course, diapers. I tried to rip open a package but looked at my hands seeing only weak little 4 year old hands.

    I could hear someone coming so I closed the closet and tried my hardest to get into the crib. I could only get part way up when the door opened, my mom was standing there. She flicked on the light and helped me OFF of the crib. I don't remeber being changed into a diaper and pjs very well but I guess it happened. She lifted me up and set me into the crib. It was comfy, my mom turned off the light, I grabbed a blanket and slept.

    After that I remember an earsplitting beeping, as reality started to fill my head again like the inside of my head was a vaccum, trying to get air back inside. Damnit alarm clock, I was having such a great dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betagame View Post
    My diaper dreams from the still open thread in the TB forum
    I have more but I can't find them even with the search, I will try Google search.
    I thought I had remembered posting my dream before... Strange that this thread didn't come up when I did my thread check. Anyhow if any admin wants to close this thread as a duplicate that's fine.


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