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    I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this, but my life in the tb ab dl community is over. I have almost zero interest in this anymore. I don't know why but these last several months i have had no desires for any fetish or likeness of baby items. I would like to thank the site and its members for all your support. Thanks and farewell.

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    I have two words for you, Purge and Cycle. It can last from weeks to months. Look it up on the answers wiki.

    If you do leave, don't close your account. You might be back...

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    I agree, just leave your account to go dormant. I guess it is rare to lose interest permanently, but it can happen. Good luck to you whatever you do decide to get up to, and if you do change your mind, we'll be here. In some form.

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    Lol, see you soon!

    I've probably made about 3 or 4 threads like this, it's a fetish type thing my friend, it will never leave your mind :\

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    If you go, good knowin' ya, but I think we'll see ya back.

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