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    I'm a Norwegian medical student, currently living and studying in Hungary.
    Seems like there's a friendly crowd at this forum, and I have waaay to little to do (aside from school work =p), so I thought I might as well start posting.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies or interests to share?

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    Well, the last two and a half years school has taken most of my time, but i have some hobbies, sure.

    I play Wow, like a lot of other people here it seems like. I used to do (and eventualy teach) amateur theater, and I do martial arts. Have a 2. Dan black belt in Kung fu, and have trained some other styles here and there. Currently I'm doing Judo here, but I only speak a little hungarian yet, so it's not so easy to learn everything =p Has anyone on the forum had any experience with judo?

    But like I said school sadly takes most of my time now =(

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    Well, my native language is norwegian, and my english is pretty fluent. Beside that I speak decent french, and I'm learning hungarian at school now, since I'll have to talk to patients and stuff in a few years. I also had a semester of latin in my first year, but I don't really get the chance to use that as often =p

    EDIT: I see on your profile you like to play chess,Tsendo, I'd love to have a online match some time

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