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Thread: Diaper Donations!

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    Default Diaper Donations!

    OK, so, I have -what I think to be- a good idea! So, while I was on IRC, I was talking to Lukie, Point, Custom and Mandi, when I brought up that I had many diapers that I didn't really need. All the rest spoke up and said that they had many that they wouldn't mind getting rid of either...well other than point, and their in lies my plan. Point said that he wanted some diapers but couldn't get (This might not be what he said at all...I am just making this up...kinda... I don't know if the other people said what i claimed they said either...I just wanted examples :P)

    ANYWAY, back to my point (heh, pun) I have this cool idea that might actually work! So I suggest that we, being adisc, with a little bit of our donation money, buy a P.O. box (that someone would own...I don't know who ) and anyone who has extra diapers, just sends it there. In accordance, when someone needs diapers, they send the shipping cost to the P.O. box and the person who is controlling this box sends them back the diapers of their choice (Which they pick from a thread that people post which diapers they are donating.)

    I think this would be a great way to help out the community, since there are many teens here that can not go out and get their own diapers. Obviously we would need much preparation for this, but I think this could actually work. Given, I am a romantic, but also a realist and with preparation and thought, this could most definitely work.


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    Okay, that was a little confusing. But I think I got what you mean, lol.

    Basically, one person has the P.O. Box that is paid by the ADISC donation fund.

    Anyone with extra diapers sends them to the P.O. box. That way the owner of the box will have all the diapers to manage.

    Anyone who cannot afford diapers, but wants them can send shipping money to the P.O. box, and the box master will send them diapers.

    I think it's a great idea, but then again, it'd only work if there was interest.

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    Awww, poor Point (literally?)

    Anyway... I could give some over. I'm not exactly low on diapers

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    If you are not the owner of the po box, then you send shipping money.... and the po box owner will send you diapers (that were donated by members.)

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    lol yea, that was clearly stated...


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    Great Idea. However make it clear that the teens should beware that it will come in the mail and have a plan. Sure its common sense for most of us but newbs (in a good way, I remember being one) may not be fully aware.

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    Now to start a sub-thread of who has what in stock. Remember to organize dates and times of arrival/sending. Also, every party must pay for separate postage stamps, unless you want to use donation money to buy a book of stamps to keep inside the P.O. Box.

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