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Thread: A Mommy for an ABy/DL?

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    Default A Mommy for an ABy/DL?

    I don't know about anyone else but I know I've lost mine it seems and it doesnt seem like she'll be into it ever again.

    Anyways what I am asking is, " Are there really any Mommies that are STILL actively looking for an AB/DL to take care of? " or has it all gone completely off the radar and no women are doing this anymore?

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this.

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    I'm sure there are mommies looking for their ABDLs, but I doubt you'll find one here.

    How about writing up an introduction in the Greetings/Introductions forum and reading up on the rules and the wiki? (There are links along the top menu bar.)

    Welcome to ADISC.

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    Yea i'm doubtful we'd find one here. I was just curious as I usually am lol and thanks for the welcome.

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    Are you sure you should be looking for 'mommies' when you're married? Sounds like it could backfire badly!

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    Jesus, how did you find one in the first place? Finding a mommy is my friggin' dream.

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    I wasn't looking....just was starting threads to find out who is what here...yes i am married honestly peachy. I guess i'm just a curious little baby lol
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    im new on here and im looking for one but like you all said its very hard to find one but you never should give up hope cause im not going to this is something we all want so im not going to ever give up so dont you all give up on your questin finding happyness ok

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    I guess true adult relationships are two way. Mutual. That's why some people have to pay for a person to be an AB Mommy. Wanting to be treated like a baby is wanting to get without giving. After all, that's what parents do for babies. Some might find people who willingly fulfill this fantasy but surely it's not worth putting at the root of happiness. A loving partner who babies you a little every now and then is one thing, but a full on Mommy doesn't strike me as a realistic aim. To me it seems like setting yourself up for disappointment and dissatisfaction. But then I've never looked for one, so what do I know? (Also, as a straight female, maybe I just don't get it?)

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    My suggestion is that you talk to your wife, she is actually your best chance. Then again you now have kids yourself, your supposed to be a adult, not act more babyish then they do.

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    Or at least leave it for allotted times when it's ok to take the baby role, such as when it suits family commitments and the kids are not present.

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