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    Cool Download 08

    Well good as topic as any for my actual first real post back here.
    Download 08 will soon be upon us and was wonderin what bands every1 is awaiting to see?
    i have to admit the main band i probs wanna see is motorhead, i saw them on 05 an i was hard of hearin 4 2 days, not good u say? well no but seeing them live was
    Coheed and cambria is another must cuz me an my band play a cover of Welcome Home, not very well i add, but were havin a go yay
    and probs Children of bodom must be the last main band i want 2 c cuz of alexi's blistering guitar speeds an scale complexities,
    ooo ooo an jimmy eat world r gunna b awesome never seen them an lover there music, well i would go on 4 hours bout it but must go an leave space 4 others 2 write lol

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    Erm....mabye, cough* for the sake of the people who don't know...erm..... you should tell them what Download 08 is...*COUGH* I know but erm, I can't say right at this momment. *cough*

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    *hands Amox some throat lozenges*

    Download 08? A UK music festival I take it...

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    If I could see Children of Bodom live, I would probably die truly, truly happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Download 08? A UK music festival I take it...
    Yea....thats it...I KNEW WHAT IT WAS BEFORE HE SAID THAT, RANDOM GIBRISH IN 54321 ANDALLOFTHATDOESNOTMEANIMINUFLAGUMMINIMUMPAGUS.... I'm sorry i had that outbreak....I don't live in the Uk....


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    Okay okay 4 those do not kno its a uk festival that has 3 days of only alternative music ranging from things like pop rock jimmy eat world to some of the heaviest craziest metal, doom metal, black metal around the world where theres more blokes with long hair than girls lol

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    The Download bands really aren't my type of music, last year I went to Leeds though.

    Not going to a festival this year, apparently Leeds is basically all American bands headlining, and my friends and I are going to Amsterdam instead of going to a festival anyway.

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