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Thread: Halloween Costume!

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    Default Halloween Costume!

    Ideas, I need them :/

    My school banned my two costume ideas with the dress code forbidding any manner of bandannas or full face masks. As such, my idea went out the window and I need to pull something together quickly!

    For a drought of creativity, I figured that I might as well as you guys, such a diverse community must have some fun ideas. Thing is however, I need to be able to pull it all together in one nights time and a trip to Goodwill.

    Any thoughts? I could really use some input here

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    Wow, what kind of dress code are they running at your school? A prison camp? Jeez thats freaking crazy...

    Anyways, what are you going for? Cute and cuddly or creepy. If your not taking it seriously but still want to dress up I say go for something classic like a vampire. Thats not a hard costume to pull together and if done right can look really good.

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    It depends on what you want, a freind of mine and his GF, once went as his and hers outhouses, we used large cardboad boxes and made them look like outhouses, his/hers.

    Then one year we went as the fruit of the loom guys, for an example purpelish sweat suit with grape/purple balloons, attached.

    Both coustumes won big.

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    One year I had an Inflatable Sumo costume that broke on the way to my friends house.
    So, I went as Igor! I wore a black hoody over my backpack and walk with a limp, worked like a charm!

    Here's my idea, probably stupid.

    Wear cat ears, a tail, and some face paint whiskers. Then on cardboard, cut out in big letters "I can haz tric or treats?"
    Then with fishing line(or something safer) to hang the words in front of you.

    Wala! a lolcat costume! :P idk, what if people dont get it?

    edit: I just googled lolcat costume now, looks like I wasn't the first to think of this..

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    I am probably not trick or treating cause of me not going back to my old neighborhood for trick or treating this year and the fact that I have no costume. For work I had a party and it was a black theme so I had black sweatpants, my black workshirt, and a black Willis McGahee Jersey. (BTW I hate the ravens but it is a 15 dollar jersey but a good one nonetheless.) I got my candy though.

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    max from where the wild things are...that's what i am going as!

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