View Poll Results: Which shell(s) do you use?

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  • bash

    5 27.78%
  • ksh

    0 0%
  • csh

    0 0%
  • sh

    0 0%
  • dash

    1 5.56%
  • zsh

    0 0%
  • ash

    0 0%
  • tcsh

    0 0%
  • cmd.exe (or

    5 27.78%
  • MS Power Shell (it's morphin' time!)

    2 11.11%
  • Something else

    0 0%
  • Ew, terminals!

    5 27.78%
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Thread: Which shell do you use?

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    Default Which shell do you use?

    Just wondering. Personally I use bash for just about everything. Sometimes sh for a shell script, but otherwise bash. How about you guys?

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    bash all the way man

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    Previously it was a 90/10 bash/ksh split, but now it is pretty much all bash.

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    Green shells go in a line and bounce off. Something like Newton's Law or some crap like that. They suck.


    Red shells are great. They like, kill doods! Just be sure it can lock on to someone first. Oh, they can lock on to people. And they don't bounce off walls. But they're the rock.


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    bash/cmd...and EW TERMINALS!

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    cmd for me... unless I'm on linux of course ^^

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    I remember we had to use bash for a weather model in earth science class... it confused the hell out of me... supposed to be some kind of cutting edge technology... and here I am programming parameters line by line... what a load of crap... it isn't 1980 anymore...

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    bash/cmd...and EW TERMINALS!
    Some linux user you are haha... Most linux people, as I, find the terminal just plain old fun.

    And, what, no mutli-choices in the poll??

    bash on UNIX (OS X, BSD) sh on linux (Ubuntu, Fedora...) cmd.exe on Windows.

    Woah, dash?! O_O

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    Actually I wanted to make it multiple choice, and public.. but I screwed it up and coultdn't figure out how to change it.

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