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    Default Band Suggestions

    This thread was made for the purpose of suggesting Japanese bands, as the following below and other bands that aren't Japanese. Post your list of band suggestions after this post. You can also add band information in this thread.

    My List

    tsubakiya shijuusou

    The GazettE


    L'arc en ciel

    Janne Da Arc

    Alice nine

    Acid Black Cherry


    Dir en Grey

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    I'm going to the Dir en Grey concert in Chicago on November 16. That's the only Japanese band I know, and I only know it because my friend is taking me to the concert. I've never really listened to them either, I just trust that he knows what kind of music I like.

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    I don't know any Japonese bands, but I know Frosty Eve, from Beijing. They are a really good melodic death metal (very different from death metal!!!) band. You should check them out. =]

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    you can't have a J-Rock list without Asian Kung Fu Generation

    almost forgot to mention The Pillows

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    Check out Omodaka. A little known but entirely awesome Japanese act. The linked song has one of my all-time favorite videos to boot!

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    I know it's completely cliche for me to say it, but Miyavi.
    My god, that man's voice could be a lullaby.
    The video for Ashita Genki ni Naare put me in a good mood for two weeks.
    I love him. ^-^

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    Envy. I guess that's the only one I really know.

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