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    Default Hello from Andrei

    Hi, I'm andrei...

    decided to introduce myself. I live in California, nobody knows about my ab/dl thing, never even worn a diaper, well since i was tiny at least... one day myabe...

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    Welcome to the site, andrei

    Since the vast majority of us here are keen on diapers, we pretty much take that as a given in an intro, although I am curious as to why if you like them you haven't tried one since your realization. Once that's out of the way, maybe you can throw us some other tidbits about yourself. It doesn't have to be anything that would compromise your secret identity, maybe just some of your hobbies or favorite genre of books or movies.

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    haven't been in one because i don't really want to do deal with any potential consequences... just too afraid at the moment haha

    about myself...


    i stay quite healthy, so i run and excercise a lot.

    not to sound arrogant but i'm fairly popular, get along with everyone well..

    go to college.. work in a restaurant.

    like all sorts of music.

    let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know

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    I can understand not wanting to be found out when the diapers are discovered. That's what happened to me when I was in college. It was not a happy moment. With that said, welcome to the site. I'm a poor runner, but I love to bike. We have a nice bike trail where I live, and of course a lot of runners and hikers use it. It's great exercise.

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    Cool, welcome to the forums.

    Hopefully one day you will get your first wearing experience

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    Hi Andre,
    Welcome aboard!
    Lot's of people like you all over, and in California!!!

    Just take your time, and when the opportunity presents itself to be able to "buy" and wear (home/ alone/ maybe at night?) go for it!!! Just be really careful of how and when you "dispose" of a (wet) diaper. Thats harder for me to deal with then just having a "stash"

    ~ Will

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    Welcome to ADISC! Don't feel arrogant cause telling about yourself is the actual purpose of the intro. Hopefully one day your hopes can come true.

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    Welcome Andrei, I understand the need to protect yourself from being found out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprdinky View Post
    Welcome Andrei, I understand the need to protect yourself from being found out.
    That sounds really ironic considering your avatar. :P
    Last edited by Morsus; 01-Nov-2009 at 22:59. Reason: I added a :P so I don't sound so serious/mean.

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