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Thread: drynite size varying? wth?

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    Default drynite size varying? wth?

    Whenever i wear drynites they are either only just fitting or above my bellybutton... these changes often happen within packs and i always get the one size so i know its not that. anyone know why the sizes seem to vary??

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    The only thing I can think of is poor quality control...

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    I can't say I've ever had that problem. I've been going for Goodnites for a good five years. So I'm not sure if you just got a bad pack....or what.

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    Now I'm not the best source of information, as I've worn so few diapers that I can tell small differences, but I've noticed this a bit aswell. Not to the extent that some are too big, and others too small like you seem to describe, but definitely a little variation.

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    Goodnites are amazing for me. I really don't care cause my erect penis will go over them each and every time. Goodnites remember are manufactured by the millions (paraphrasing the Tena post earlier) and its audience are children and teenagers whose penises are NOT supposed to react by the diaper. Factory and Manufacturing error is common in these big name diapers. And that is what drives many to some of the premium brands such as Bambinos and Molicares. Whatever suits you but does it really piss you off from it.

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    goodnites are the only ones i use and well the best out there for me cause there the right thickness. I guess your right about the sizing cause the ones i have right now are below the belly button but ive had some that are shorter or longer

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    its made to be secret and not seen by all
    I also like the extra thickness of underjams

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