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Thread: Best Diapers for being out in public?

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    Default Best Diapers for being out in public?

    Normally I just wear diapers at home in my room; usually just depends and the like, but I met a local friend, and we might go and hang out sometime in public, padded and I was just wondering if anyone has any reccommendations on what diapers are absorband and quiet, and don't leak... I'm thinking of ordering my first bambinos; I hear they are quiet...

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    Quiet you might want to try something with a clothlike cover, I guess it all depends if you want to wet alot, or just a little.

    Almost everything is available in the clothlike cover, some of the high end diapers can be found in both cloth like and plastic.

    I guess if you can fit go for a goodnight, that way if you wet and get worried you can duck into a restroom and tear down the sides and toss it.

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    People may think this is crazy, but I prefer the Abena x-plus for going out in public. People are way less likely to notice that you are padded than if you are leaking.

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    If you don't plan on wetting, use the Walgreens brand ones. If you do plan on wetting, though, go for Molicares underneath a pair of jeans. They're not noticeable at all unless somebody slaps your butt.

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    I'd recomend the Abena X plus for wearing out in public

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    I go out in public (rarely) wearing cloth and plastic pants. Since you live in Washington, the weather ought to be getting colder, in which case you could wear a coat, more than covering the slight bulge. i don't think people notice a bulge anyway, but they would notice leaking.

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    I've worn tena classics. The front panel is really crinkly, they are great. Absorb a bit and are comfortable. The sizing is pretty big though, larges are huge.

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    I dunno about the X-Plus... Maybe the Abena Super would be better suited for public use. Still good absorbency, but not as ridiculously thick and noisy.

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    Wear something tight fitting over the diapers, to one, keep them quiet, and two keep the tapes from coming undone. I wear either tight boxer briefs or bike shorts, or a womans lightweight pantie girdle.

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    thanks for the tips, i think im just gonna order some bambinos after i get my paycheck this week. from what im told they are pretty quiet... not too worried about bulk; mostly just the noise; but im used to depends so just about anything is quieter then those ill bet. wont wear depends in public!

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