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Thread: Snuggies blankets you can wear!

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    Default Snuggies blankets you can wear!

    I think these are pretty cool, apparently they are mainstream (popular) and I think its cool because its sort of a *B/DL thing, it's similiar to a sleeper or something right? Anyway whatever you have to say about Snuggies this is thread for it. that's why I made it as it seems no one has brought it up yet.|af

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    i thought they were called Slankets...? 0.o

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    So.... lame...

    I hate Snuggie! It looks like a poncho made of pure woven LAME.
    However the guy who coined them... its genius...
    But still:

    Goddamn lame poncho blankets! The look ridiculous... did I mention they are lame.

    I would wear one even in my own home... its an atrocity.

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    Because nothing else says "I think you're too stupid to operate a regular blanket" like them.

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    They look a lot better on dogs

    But they're still the lamest thing of the 21st century.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wegs View Post
    Because nothing else says "I think you're too stupid to operate a regular blanket" like them.
    Now, where'd my blanket operation manual get to? D:

    They look like some kind of cultist robes or something. o-o;

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    A word of advice: don't buy it online. You can find them all over now, even in grocery stores. When I bought my gf one for valentine's day this year, they took my phone number so they could "confirm my order." 1) they never called to confirm it, 2) I started getting a shit ton of solicitation calls on my cell phone, It took a number of google searches and some phone calls to find out that by ordering you agree to opt-in to these shady solicitors. I had to call up the snuggie company and bitch thhem out...twice... before they agreed to take me off the list.

    Oh, and for fun they later decided to send me a "rebate" check for like $8, and in fine print on the back it says that by cashing the check you agree to sign up for some buyers club crap which will auto renew and authorize them to bill you like $200/yr until you unsubscribe.

    Bottom line, they are a shady company. If you must have one, don't give them any info about yourself -- get it at a retail store.

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