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Thread: Diapers as an Addiction

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    Default Diapers as an Addiction

    Can diaper wearing become a serious addiction, and how does it turn from casual use to become a addiction? What is the best way to control use inorder to avoid posible negatives of being addicted?

    For me, I like most underage teens, could only wear diapers at certain times, and was limited in quanity, then I became a adult, and got my first job and could buy diapers whenever I wanted to (and I did). Having a job I was limited to wearing while not at work, as there was no way I could get away with it at the job I had.
    Fast forward to today, and because of my disability, I have not had a job for over a year now, and can wear whenever I want, and I do, 24/7 sometimes. The problem now is that I have been spending WAY to much money on diapers, avoiding doing other stuff inorder to wear, and avoiding looking for a new job, as it is just much more fun to stay home.
    Today it hit me that I AM addicted, this all might sound crazy, but I think had become a addiction that is affecting things in my life.
    I guess the easy solution is to get a job, and I have been looking anyway because I do need one.
    Here, I have always avoided all drugs and alcohol, but became addicted to diapers

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    Good post. I think people do become 'addicted' to things that are not chemically addictive. But, without writing a whole essay on what exactly an addiction is, I would think about whether there is something that the diapers give you that you don't get anywhere else. For example, I know I comfort eat to improve my mood, but I want to eat more healthily, so I look for other sources of comfort, such as hugs from my fiance, favourite TV shows etc. Comfort is not a bad thing to seek, we all need it, to an extent. But if I was to become always in search of it, then other things would not get done and I would seem addicted to, in this example, comfort food. Now, the thing diapers give you might not be comfort, and it might be more than one thing. But, the thing it gives you is probably legitimately something you need. This could also not be the case at all, but it might be something to think about.

    When I was independent and had an income for the first time, I went a little overboard with how often I drank alcohol, until it became routine and became difficult to stop. I wasn't really addicted to alcohol, but the freedom went to my head a bit, having left home where drinking was rare. Maybe the same it true with diapers or with anything that was restricted previously.

    All the best with getting a job. I too am looking for work, and it is a job in itself. Maybe you could set yourself times or days when you wear and times when you don't. And perhaps buy yourself a new pack as a reward for getting a job?

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    Anything can become an addiction... food, sex, exercise, adrenaline rushes...

    Considering my history, let me tell you that it's best to gain control over your indulgences rather than let them gain control over you... Moderation is key.

    Abstaining and then later rewarding yourself is the most common solution, but even that method may need adjustmant from case to case.

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    You can get addicted to almost anything, sometimes you not really addicted but you convince yourself that you need that something to make you feel better.

    If it came down to having a job or wearing diapers and not buying the things you need to live, I would use up what you have and move on, then after you get back on your feet you can fool around with diapers again but try to keep your useage to a safe minimum that you could afford.

    I can buy almost anything I want, I have some great diapers but I only wear them occasionaly, but I am addicted to buying and owning sleepers, I have way more than I need, but in my defence I do wear them evey night, summer and winter.

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    diapers are a safe addiction :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zpeed View Post
    diapers are a safe addiction :P
    Not if they are interfering with your normal life, as the op described. Sure, they're not killing brain cells, but if they get in the way of getting a job or doing school work or hanging out with friends, etc., they can become a dangerous addiction.

    Good luck getting things sorted out, racer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zpeed View Post
    diapers are a safe addiction :P
    There is no such thing as a safe addiction, admittedly you won't die from a diaper addiction but it still can be damaging. Both psychologically and financially.

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    Wow, everyone's posts are so fantastic! One of my majors right now is addiction counseling so I thought I would chime in.

    Diapers are definitely not a safe addiction as others have said. No addictions are safe; they interfere with your life and damage the relationships around you.

    Along with getting a job, you might want to consider doing more "non-diaper" activities with "non-diaper" friends, and talking to other people on the site about how they successfully manage to moderate their wearing. I would also try to limit the amount of days you spend wearing and how long you spend on diaper related websites.

    These are just my suggestions, you definitely don't have to take them.

    I'm not licensed yet either but I'm learning.

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    You probably are addicted, but this still isn't that big of a deal. If you can get motivated enough to get up and get a job, then your cured. There's a lot of people that can't do that even though they aren't addicted to anything.

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    It depends on your personality. Some people can get addicted to all kinds of things that are not chemicals which create a physical dependence. Things like porn, WOW, marijuana, tanning beds. Unlike physically addictive things breaking the cycle is usually more a matter of finding something better to do with your time. Although there are lots of people willing to take your money to help you do so.

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