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Thread: Good/Funny Diaper Experiences? :)

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    Default Good/Funny Diaper Experiences? :)

    Hey guys, we've got the Your Worst Diaper Run Ever thread, so thought I'd make one for the good/funny ones!

    So, anyone had some experiences that couldn't had gone better? Or even some that were rather funny..

    I will start.

    When i brought my first pack, i got home and all that night was so exited. I kept wearing them, but as they were wayy to small i had to attach two together. So, parents were downstairs, sister next door on the phone to the boyfriend. SO, i was just attaching them, and getting ready to put it on. Then i hear my mum at the top of the stairs!

    She was just so quiet i didn't hear until it was to late, she came into my room and knew i was upto something. In hindsight i wish i said mum go away sorry i was just doing ... men's stuff. But no, a few days before i told her "i think i have a fetish for nappies" Can anyone beat that for the worst way to explain when getting caught?

    Ok, the next part is the "funny" part... i had to give her the packet, she was going mental!!! And then she got even more annoyed saying "TOM"!! WHY DID YOU BUY THE EXPENSIVE ONES! THEY COST AT LEAST 3 EACH PACKET" (from what i remember)

    So yea, wasn't funny at the time but now thinking about it, it was quite funny

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    Ha lol. Of all things she could have said, why did you get the expensive ones? Hahahaa.

    I remember stealing some pull ups from my friends daycare when we had to pick him up for a sleep over. My mom wanted to chat with his mom for a while so I went off and played with my friend for a bit. I needed to go to the bathroom so I asked him were it was and, him being a natural trickster and me being so gulable, he directed me to the baby changing room. I saw some pull ups and decided to grab a couple out of a package that was open and in my reach and stuff them in my pants. It worked out great untill my friend saw something sticking up out the side of my pants. I told him I was pranking my little brother and he completly bought it. After we got home (after keeping completly still to avoid crinkeling and keeping my friend from constantly winking at me) I went to my secret place (which was conveniently in between two dumpster structures) and used one.

    It couldn't have gone better. That was the only time one of my plans worked out the way I wanted it to. Unfortunatly I lost the other one when my mom found it in the closet of my room. I guess she thought it was left over from something and had been there for years so she threw it out.

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