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Thread: Man, I am psyched... new 'V' series starts next Tuesday!

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    Default Man, I am psyched... new 'V' series starts next Tuesday!


    I am a child of the 1980s and remember very fondly of the original V that aired on NBC in the United States in 1983, and 1984 respectively; which was later followed by a TV series from 1984-85 and have all of it on DVD. I can't wait to see how this new V comes across on ABC next week.

    Anyone else a fan of the original mini-series and TV show going to check out the new V next week?


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    Fondly? The invasion of the space nazis? Had a lot of initial promise but got stupid after the first few episodes.

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    I'll chime in. I enjoyed the series but will probably have to wait for the new series to come out on DVD. Haven't had TV. Cable or Satellite TV for 5 years (By choice). Was always addicted to Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock, X Files, etc. Always look for these on DVD/VHS.

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    Will the new ones turn out to be reptiles also? Should we vote?

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    Hey wife and I enjoyed the show, and it was back when our kids were 5 and 8, plus the 16 year old. One of my son's (8 year old) friend went and got me to come to her house because her parents were gone and she was convinced V people were inside. I went in with her and assured her that there were no V people. In retrospect it was quite funny, typically a kid thing.

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    I don't remember the originals, but I am looking forward to this show. I hope it will do well.

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    Me too, I hope it does well because I remember the show very fondly. The show got stupid when they did the cursed '84-'85 series. I always liked it and I can't wait to see it next Tuesday night when I get off work.


    P.S. Dogboy, good story! I had to chuckle at that one. Kids do get scared easily.

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    I remembered the show fondly as well. I got all of them off of netflix and had a mini marathon in more recent times.

    Wow, forgot how bad the acting and special effects really were. But a good story is still a good story. Will be interesting to see where they take it, now with the ability to do better effects.

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    Critics have called the first episode of the new series the best pilot they've ever seen. That can only mean good things.

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