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    Default Life-timing, full-timing, etc

    I am at a point in my life where I can comfortably live as an AB most of the time (work and public is a NO NO). While this is usually frowned upon do to the negative aura it casts on us because of characters like "Hiedi" god rest his soul for having the cajones to do that. Who is anyone to judge something that does not effect them, or harm anyone... not even the person living the lifestyle? Sure being public is... a bad thing; and does indirectly effect all of us here. (This also includes people who choose to diaper train themselves)

    I do however think we need to be more lax on these things. I have become so after meeting well adjusted normal people who live this life style over this past year. No different from any of us here; they dont inhabit the bowels of deek, or DPF (pun intended). Most keep to themselves, and can give clear reasons for what they do and why they choose it.

    Me for example; while not a permanent life-styler I spend most of my time in my AB mode... (this of course will change, but is just my current lifestyle)
    A: I find I am able to think more clearly and more responsibly when like this
    B: I have been through a meat grinder of life these last few years.
    C: It helps me to cope with my biological and physiological problems.
    D: It makes me happy.

    It doesn't effect my performance in life negatively, it hasn't been shown to the outside world, nor have I ever... EVER gone in public and obviously been regressive... Even at furcons... I'm actually kind of against hairy grown men in pigtails and shortalls in any sort of public setting. (Sorry Kae and Tris... love ya guys but not something I would do).

    Given this; would you hold the stigma against me?
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    I would not hold that against you at all. The only things I would hold against anyone is anything that is negative to others or oneself. You have pointed out that there are no negatives, and if there are they are vastly outweighed by the positives. That being said, there is morally nothing wrong with what you are doing.

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    I can't see anyone here having a negative thought about you engaging in AB activities in the comfort of your own place, either alone or with others. (although there IS always a chance)

    Sometimes, there is nothing more relaxing to me than to come home, get padded up and into my sleeper, drink hot chocolate and chill.

    If you want to do it in a playpen, or crib, even better.

    My only comment might be about your thought that even wearing diapers in public (while fully clothed I am assuming) casts a negative light on us as *B's. Or maybe I misunderstand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Snap View Post
    My only comment might be about your thought that even wearing diapers in public (while fully clothed I am assuming) casts a negative light on us as *B's. Or maybe I misunderstand.
    Something I cant really avoid. At the beginning of my membership here I developed or.. re developed some incontinence issues. Which have been on and off, more on then off sad to say. It's best that I do wear in public 8P
    Nobody likes to see wet pants.

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    good points. i've had similar thoughts. ever since i moved into my own place a year ago i've gone to bed padded pretty much every night. i've skipped a few nights here and there, but not many. and when i've got a few hours in the house by myself, often as not i'll get padded. i can't really see any reason not to. a diaper doesn't cost any more than a single-serving bag of potato chips, but it makes me so much happier!

    if i could go back in time and tell my younger self how often i wear diapers he'd be appalled. but as things currently stand i'm not too concerned about it. it doesn't interfere with my life in any way, it's just something i do in private. i'm pretty sure i'll never want to wear diapers to work, or around friends -- no matter how much i like wearing them they just make me uncomfortable in social situations. the only times i'll wear in public is if i've got a diaper on and need to go to the grocery store or something and can't be bothered to take it off. i don't have any AB stuff that can't be concealed if i've got friends coming over. and after wearing diapers to bed every night for a year i'm as far from being a bedwetter as i've ever been, and i don't think it's something i'm ever going to have to worry about.

    it's nice to do a reality check with yourself every now and then to make sure you're not taking things too far. i spend more of my time padded than i ever have before in my life, but i don't think there's anything wrong with it as it stands. in fact i feel really lucky that i have such an awesomely effective way to relax and cope with stress.

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    Corrie if you can afford to live that life I say why not, if you find later on in life that you think you made a mistake, you can always change.

    I remade myself dozens of times, and I think I'm a better person for it, good luck in anything you choose.

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    I don't see anything wrong with it--it's not consuming your life to the point that you can't enjoy non-AB activities, nor are you shoving it into people's faces in public.

    Of course I would say this, given that I pretty much do the same thing. If I am home, it's *B time. It's nothing too elaborate. Let's just say that (with winter fast approaching--the first snow was a few weeks ago) my after-school clothing of choice is a sleeper. And I drink from a sippy cup more often than not. As for being diapered... that's turned into a mostly 24/7 thing. Public or not, I fail to see anything wrong with being diapered as long as it's covered up with regular clothes and I don't leak onto people's furniture or stink up the place.

    *shrug* it's one of the many ways to just... be. And if you feel you're better for it, go with it.

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