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Thread: Why us?

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    Default Why us?

    Today I was thinking, why are we TB/AB/DL/Baby Furs and the rest of the labels. I mean are we born to like these diapers or acting like a baby or is it a learned behavior. I honestly think its both and that circumstances throughout your life only build upon these likings.

    I do think this is a profound topic because it can relate to more things in life. Is personality, sexuality, and other factors of a person the same deal? Are we all have something in common that affects what we are? Or is it a fluke. Feel free to discuss your feelings on the topic.

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    Heh, Mr Xboxy. Now you're delving quite deeply into the study of psychology itself. Interestingly enough this question brings up the most debated aspect of said study; "nature vs. nurture" Basically, is it our genes or the affects of our environment that ultimately determines our behaviour? Many psychologists have studied this issue and these many have even more conclusions. But, i'd have to say that i believe it is ultimatly a combination of these two influences; just, how much does each one affect us? Do i act more upon my genes or do i portray what i've learned from my environment more?

    ...Maybe i should stop paying attention in Psychology class...

    Anywho, i like to think that it is both genetic and "learned".


    ps. HI Xboxy XD

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    Haha xboxy? That would be a new one. Yeah I like how you put it, and I agree.

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    Yeah, its different in everybody. I was probably born with it because one day I just decided I liked diapers. That was it. There was no other contributing factor. Others may be really stressed and want something that releases that stress, so they turn to *B/DL. Or it could be a combination of both, like Little Tyler said.

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    This topic has come up before, and I'm trying to remember some of the points of view. One of the things mentioned centered around earlier civilizations before there were diapers. Though diapers are central to most of us, they are a means to an end, the end being regression. If you think in terms of "why do we wear diapers" you may miss the point.

    Someone came up with the theory that diapers weren't a fetish object, but a transitional object, an object that transcends us to being young, or babyish. If you look at it that way, then you have to ask, what causes regression, a genetically wired brain function, or contributing factors starting from early development?

    Elli quoted Eriksonian psychology, autonomy vs. dependence, I think. This deals with a time in our early development when we either seek independence, or seek being taken care off. Some psychiatrists believe that traumatic events traumatize us, and so we revert back to that event. So If life has hurt us at an early age, we repeat that age and the event's consequences, over and over again.

    There are those who believe that under stress, we seek simpler times, a time when we were taken care of by our parents. Our needs were met, and we didn't have to worry about adult things. Under stress we revert back to these simpler times to seek those feelings of safety and comfort.

    I tend to believe that wanting or needing to regress has psychological roots rather than genetic ones. We act out with our contemporary objects because they are a part of our experiences.

    As for me, I was adopted when I was two years old. My birth parents were abusive, and drifting towards divorce. They thought that by putting me up for adoption, they might save their marriage. I spent some time in an adoptive agency/orphanage. My guess is that potty training might have been a night mare. I have little else to go on, but for what ever reason, I was aware that I wanted to replicate babyish behavior by the time I was 4, including wearing diapers. By six, I was stealing my 4 year old neighbors wet pants to fulfill my fantasies. The desire for diapers and regression has never left me, and never waned. I believe there are deep psychological reasons, even though they are like shadows in the dark.

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    ^^^ I've read a few of your posts and just learned you were adopted. (You are one of the CHOSEN )

    ANYWHO, I personally believe that it requires a natural attraction to the idea, but a catalystic event (or series of events) that actually lead to us being us.

    Just my

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    There are lots of theories surrounding why people have the interests/fetishes/stress outlets that they do. Can we give a concrete explanation? Hell no; The human mind is simply too vast and complex an object to fully understand. Though we can pull together some great educated guesses. Some are spot on, others just annoying as all hell.

    Let's get Freudian for a moment. If we ask Mr. Sigmund here, chances are his explanation would be "You repressed some kind of memory involving diapers or babyhood," and leave it at that. All kinds of things that happened to us as children could be the cause, but simply repressed and filed in the very back of out minds. Then, when we say that this isn't the cause, the same explanation will go for the repressed memories explanation again and break for lunch.

    So, can we confirm that theory? No, but it's something to think about. Therapies of all kinds exist for uncovering repressed memories, but unless you're seeing slightly more of this covert cause, chances are it'll just be a waste of about $120 :/

    Other thoughts include bedwetting, overprotective parents, potty training too late, potty training too early, some manner of genetic influence (Though I can't see how diapers are in any genes aside from the ones you wear), and a myriad of, well, everything!

    I can't even think of my own cause for my inclination to this lifestyle. Probably an interest in diapers stemming all the way back to pre-school, when I was able to retain my first memories from about 2 or so, and I was still in diapers then. Early memories+Wearing diapers=Lifelong association with the most comfortable of garments.

    (I always wanted an excuse to use that somewhere)

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    Many pychologists believe that a fetish is caused by sexual arrousal at a very young age (yes it can happen). When this happens, the pleasure derived from the experience can be associated with an object that is seen or felt during the period of arrousal.

    If you follow this theory, it isn't hard to accept that so many people do like diapers. Like most everyone, when I was a kid I thought I was the only one...and thought I must be crazy. However, I often thought to myself "there must be other people out there in this huge world that also like diapers the way I do?" I was soooooo relieved to find out I was right!


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    I think Angusmac's explanation was the best so far. It makes total sense, especially sense you link together weird things when you're little.

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    I never ever had the desire to wear diapers. Ever. Sure, I liked acting like a little kid once in a while, and I always thought footed sleepers were the coolest, but I never wanted to wear diapers. I'm usually a pretty outgoing and fairly social person, and all my friends tell me that I'm independent, but I guess there was always a part of me that wanted to be taken care of. I've always wanted to be a dog.

    But then one day when I was 18 and all stressed out, I was looking at this transformation art website that I frequent (, and there was a transformation sequence of a guy turning into an alligator babyfur (babyscale?), complete with diaper and baby toys.

    At first, I was disgusted. I mean, come on, diapers? But I was definitely intrigued. I started looking up the term babyfur, and even though I had been part of the furry community since I was 14, I'd never heard of babyfurs. They interested me and disgusted me at the same time. I thought that maybe I could be one. Maybe.

    I took rolls of toilet paper and saran wrap and made myself makeshift diapers, but I never used them. I just wore them until they broke. But finally, I found some of my little brother's old goodnites and wore those. And then I was hooked.

    But here I am.

    TL;DR :
    I guess the thing I'm trying to say is, maybe there's some sort of trigger (such as stress or depression or whatever) that makes us want to act like little kids and babies (of course, I'm talking only for the ABs here, since I'm not a DL). Since that is certainly what happened to me. If you would have told me that by 19 I would be wearing diapers and onesies and acting like a baby in some of my free time, I would have laughed and called you insane.

    But look at me now. -shrug-

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