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Thread: Breastfeeding?

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    Default Breastfeeding?

    Have any of you fantasized about breastfeeding or ever wondered what breast milk tastes like?
    i have. just a thought i had last night going to sleep.

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    I don't think I would like to be breastfed in baby play...I mean, I like acting like a baby and all, but I think that being breastfed would be a little too weird for me

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    Well, being female, the idea of breastfeeding with another woman is extremely strange. But I think it's normal to be curious about what breast milk tastes like. I've talked to mothers who said they've tasted their own milk, and I think I would if I had kids.

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    I think it's gross, especially warm. I tasted my moms when she was nursing my sister about a year ago, and no, not right form her breast, that would be weird.

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    Might have done when I was younger. Kinda seems a bit horrible now. Like that little Britain cartoon 'Bitty'

    Would be funny if you were out of milk and needed something for your coffee in that situation...

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    I wouldn't mind it at all. It would be a lot for comfortable if the person i was doing it from was my sexual partner however. Much less awkward. =] (go go action being bi =D )

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    I tasted my then wife's right from the source sometime after our child was born. I liked it. She weaned our baby pretty quick and dried up so I only got a couple of chances.


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    The thought of drinking someone else's bodily fluids, albeit being what breast milk is produced for, just seems kind of disgusting now.

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    Breastfeeding is an absolutely beautiful concept to me, as a symbol, as a display of maternal instinct, and as a function of human support (which might surprise some people, given my beliefs on an old thread about breastfeeding in public). There are few more amazingly artistic-and-natural conjugations. Does that mean that I would want to breastfeed? Hell no -- that's a right reserved only for a baby to its biological (or active) mother, and one that I've no room to steal away.

    Breastfeeding, in truth, is fascinating to me. I think it's a beautiful thing that the human body can continue to create its own resources to give to a completely separate body once that body exists independently. Of course, tons of animals do this, but ... I don't know, there seems something conceptually special about a mother breastfeeding her child. Innocence is rarely personified in any other way.

    And now that you know that Rance is cuckoo-bats for breastfeeding, but just for the idea ... not for consuming.

    Shit no. Won't happen.


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    some other thoughts just came into my mind:
    after severe starvation men start to produce breast milk
    would vegans opt for breast milk rather than soy milk or cow's milk?

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