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Thread: Making Diapers Fun? Screen Printing Diapers...

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    Smile Making Diapers Fun? Screen Printing Diapers...

    Okay, just an idea, but after watching one of those infomercials, has anyone ever thought of screen printing on plain diapers? that could actually be a good small business for someone that would want to do that... It's pretty cheap to do, and you could screen print cartoons or designs on plain white diapers...

    Just an idea, but what do you think?

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    If you were going to make a small business out of it it'd be a pain in the ass, because you'd have to go and get permission from the creators of the original diapers you'd be printing on.

    Otherwise it'd be kind of neat.

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    Well I wasen't thinking of doing it, but no you wouldn't need permission to do that, unless you were repackaging them and reselling them as their brand name. It's perfectly fine if you bought some depends and screen printed on them and then sold them on the net as RalieghFhang's awesome diapers. Couldn't say they were from depends, but you could say they are depends. Nothing wrong with reselling. 100% legal

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    Not at all, though you are not selling them under the Depends name, it is still Depends Intellectual Property Rights that are being infringed, plus you would also have to get permission from the owners of the cartoons you print on them. Bottom would be too costly for a small business to see any profit.

    Source: 2 years of Business Law Studies

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    I diagree... for example if you were to buy a canvas from john doe's canvases, and paint a picture, would you have to get permission from john does canvases to sell it? no. etc. etc.

    And yes you would have to get permission to use someone's copyrighted cartoons; but I didn't say copyrighted cartoons, I just said cartoons. And I never said anything about making a bunch of money.

    Sure you can't take someone's product and market it as your own, but there is nothing illegal about screen printing over a diaper and selling it on ebay or something. And i'm not talking making millions and marketing them to stores, it was just a simple small fun idea!?! If that were true then there are millions of people that do that every day and I don't see them in jail for putting colorful tape on diapers and selling them on the internet or replacing labels on pens to promote tyheir company business, and believe it or not they are still doing that! No offense but if you actually think that's illegal, then you wouldn't make a very good lawyer. Source 1.5 yrs in business law & ethics + 20+ yrs of common sense.

    It was just an idea, and I think everyone is completly over reacting. What I mostly meant was it could be FUN like the previous post about drawing on your diapers. And I didn't see any posts about legalities of drawing on your diapers. No diaper police out arresting people for picking up a sharpee. come on!

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    How about making Diaper Tapes for people that want to modify their own Diapers. This would be legal as you/we wouldn't be selling them on any further under a different brand name. You could even create your own cartoons if you have got the talents. You can't of coarse, use other people’s/company’s image(s) without written permission(s). I put stickers on mine too to jazz them up a bit and you could even produce kits for this. Could be fun gluing glitter to your own Diaper as long as you don't get stuck to it your self. "Mummy/Daddy, can you take me to the hospital? I've just superglued a diaper to my butt."

    Don’t use superglue though as the Cotton Wool in the Diaper reacts with the chemical and this gets hot very quickly. It may not seam like it if you’ve used superglue before and some has landed on your skin/shirt, but this is just one layer. I learned this while making Christmas decorations (Snowmen ect…) and one of the Cotton Wool Balls stuck to the back of my hand. I couldn’t pull it off until the skin had fallen away 30 seconds (aprox) after the burning sensation started. The cotton will act as an insulator. The shin has now healed well.

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    You should have no problem doing this. Technical issues aside, if others can screen print on t-shirts you can do this on diapers.

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    I think that it'd be pretty sweet. You can get Cozy Comforts Diapers that have prints all over and are really cool. Haven't tried them though, I still live at home and have no where to get it delivered, but they look awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    You should have no problem doing this. Technical issues aside, if others can screen print on t-shirts you can do this on diapers.
    Yeah I thought it could be fun... It's those damn infomercials lol... And in regards to the tape idea, they already make tapes, and it would be too expensive I think to make tapes, but it would be pretty cheap to make a silk screen and make a bunch. You could make your own designer diapers from plain ones for your stash Could be cool too if anyone has any of the old white goodnites to make your own custom pull-ups

    If anyone trys it, post on here and let us know how it went! Oh and post some pictures

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    I think stick on diaper tapes would be cooler. I think there are more appropriate adhesives than super glue out there. Something that would stick well to cloth/plastic but still removable just in case.

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