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Thread: Diapers in Public Toilets

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    I'm sure I've seen this thread before but I can't find it anywhere.

    I have been across to ASDA today and whilst I was there, I needed to pee. So I went to the toilets but as I walked towards the gents, I saw the baby-changing toilet and I couldn't resist going in. When I was in there, I saw the used diaper bin so decided to have a quick peek. To my delight there was a hardly used huggies size 6 right on top. I decied to take my opportunity and took it out, laid it on the toilet seat and peed in it until it was full. I still had some left though so had another quick root around. I then found quite a full drynite that I put on to wear back home (I'm on holiday now and don't have any diapers). I finished peeing before leaving the room. But when I opened the door, there was a man stood there with two childeren in toe, who gave a bemused look when he saw a fifteen year old walk out of a baby-changing toilet. (Continued in next post)

    I just kept walking though I'm sure he could see me waddling slightly because the diaper was so full and i didn't want a repeat of the last time I wet in public.

    Anyway, my question is have any of you ever been into a baby-changing toilet and done this sort of thing, and how was it?
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    Er, it seems slightly ... odd that you would pee in a used nappy and also wear a used drynite? :s

    Is it me or is that slightly odd?

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    Ew, yuck. Even hardly used I don't think thats good. Besides, isnt that a cold clammy feeling? That not a very hygenic thing to do...

    I found a couple baby diapers (unused) on a counter in a bathroom at the library, no one was their so I grabbed them a put them in my book bag. I didn't find the book I was looking for so foolishly I walk out with three baby diapers in my bookbag making it look like I had a book in there. I walked thorugh the security detector thing and it didn't go off so the guy who was watching me went about his business. Half way home it started raining rendering the diapers useless so I threw them out in someones garbage can that was out in the street for cleanup.

    So my advice, never use a used diaper. Especially if it has been used by someone else, its just gross...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    Er, it seems slightly ... odd that you would pee in a used nappy and also wear a used drynite? :s

    Is it me or is that slightly odd?
    Wououahhh... you are not alone Tommy!

    Wearing a wet drynight found in a garbage can in a public toilet, I'm not sure why, but it's seem to be not too hygienic. You are not afraid to catch somethings by wearing diaper of unknown people?

    I like mushrooms... but only those you can buy at the supermarket.

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    Wait, did I read that correctly?

    You put on a USED goodnite, and wore it home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excelsius View Post
    I like mushrooms... but only those you can buy at the supermarket.
    Ooohh, good one! But yeah, if you want nasties your looking in the right place.

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    Woah, this seems to have attracted quite a lot of negative attention. By the way, i live like 1 minute from asda and i took the drynite off as soon as i got in (i have been in a very strong binge period and haven't worn since that fateful day 2 weeks ago so i just wanted a quick thrill). Sorry if i've offended anyone

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    Please take the advice from those posting that this is a dangerous practice. I understand you were on holiday without diapers, but such a desperation move can prove to be more detrimental to your health than anticipated. Besides the fact that you were fishing through a public diaper bin, wearing a used DryNight can give you nasties that you simply just don't want. While it may have been thrilling at the time, just think about your future. I hope you get some nice, fresh nappies soon!

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    Thanks injektilo, i think the desperation to wear became overwhelming and i did it without thinking. I'm going home tomorrow and i think i'll make the most of the fresh diapers back home.

    Do you know how to close a thread?

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