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Thread: 2009 World Series: Who Will be Hot, And Who Will be Not

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    Default 2009 World Series: Who Will be Hot, And Who Will be Not

    Alright, I can only fairly put down the yankees predictions here. It wouldn't be fair if i put the phillies, because i don't know as much about them, as i do about the yankees. If anyone feels like they would like to put the phillies predictions down, please, it is welcomed.

    2009 World Series: New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies

    The New York Yankees

    Derek Jeter
    -Everybody in baseball has to love him. You hear announcers, even on fox, saying that. Derek Jeter, although getting up there in age, is still arguably the best defensive, and offensive Short Stop in baseball. He has the most career hits, in the entire Yankees Franchise. Think of who that is over for a second. The great Joe D, Babe Ruth, Lou Gherig, Yogi Berra, are just some of the great examples. Defensively, Jeter only obtained just 8 errors in the regular season. THE LOWEST IN HIS CAREER.

    Prediction: They don't call him Mr. November for nothing. Hot.

    Jonny Damon-Damon is sort of an unpredictable player. Especially trying to predict him in the post-season. Although one thing is for sure, when he's on, he's most certainly on. But his awkward lefty stance, and his swing, which is basically throwing himself at the ball, doesn't seem to help him out. He had 98 strike out's in the regular season, which was the most in his career.

    Prediction: Cold

    Mark Teixera-Although Teixera was most certainly not hot by any means in the post season so far, he did have a few clutch hits, including his home run in game 2 of the Yankees American Divisional Series against the Twins. Not to mention his "Near-Flawless" defense. The two time gold glove award winner had a flawless season on defense, only allowing four errors in 152 games. Teixeira hits right before the dangerous Alex Rodriguez, so don't expect to see too many intentional walks. Even though Teixiera led the yankees with 39 home runs, Rodriguez is just as dangerous as he ever has been.

    Prediction: Hot. Game Saving.

    Alex Rodriguez
    -What a comeback season Rodriguez had. Although Rodriguez had admitted to using performance enhancing drugs back in 2004 with the Rangers, his poor status has been nearly erased by many Yankees fans, but obviously not by the rest of the league and their fans. Many people still believe that he is a cheater, and his status will forever be tainted. Even though they may think that, it didn't stop A-Rod from producing 100 RBI's, in just 124 games, due to the hip injury. He came through clutch in many situations. Rodriguez has a large problem with striking out though. He struck out 97 times, in his shortened season, which did not help the Yankees.

    Prediction: Hot

    Hideki Mxdeadxi-I'm not to fond of Hideki Mxdeadxi. I think that the Yankees need to go out and find a new Designated Hitter. Mxdeadxi, who struggled with knee problems all year, assumed the position of the New York Yankees designated hitter. Mxdeadxi usually gets taken out near the end of the game for a pinch runner, in close games. Which doesn't help the Yankees out if the game goes into extra innings. It's not the worst person the Yankees could have at this position, but i do think that they could do better for a fifth batter. Maybe switch Jorge Posada and Mxdeadxi in the line up, and then it would make more sense.

    Prediction: Cool. Maybe one or two big hits.

    Jorge Posada
    - Posada caught the final pitch from Mariano Rivera, on Sunday, a classic duo, that dates back to the nineties. Posada hit .285 with 22 home runs in the regular season, which is sensational for a catcher. Defensively, he was a rock. He had just six errors on the season, as a catcher, and as a first basement, he allowed no errors, in his 5 innings at the position. In the World Series though, I don't see him doing to well. I think he'll run out of gas, especially since Jose Molina will be catching for Burnett, which enrages Posada.

    Prediction: Moderate

    Robinson Cano
    - Robinson Cano is one of the better offensive Second Basement in the Major Leagues. Although, his weakness is he's in sort of an in-between speed range. He was 5 for 12 in stolen bases. But offensively, Cano racked up 204 hits, and a .320 average in 161 games. Defensively, he obtained twelve errors, but has made clutch plays throughout the season. Him and Derek Jeter are a dangerous middle infield, that you shouldn't try to mess with.

    Prediction: Moderate

    Nick Swisher
    - The one thing that I have to say about Nick Swisher, is that he isn't patient enough at the plate. He hit just .150 in the ALCS with the Angels, and on the regular season just .249, with 126 strike outs. Speaking defensively though, Swisher committed just five errors, and had a fielding percentage of .980. I guess if there is one weak spot in the Yankees lineup, it has to be in Nick Swisher.

    Prediction: Cool

    Melky Cabrera-Cabrera, the Yankees young center fielder, took over the role of the starting center fielder, over rookie speedster, Brett Gardener. Gardener now comes in the pinch run for Mxdeadxi frequently. Cabrera was the kind of walk-off hits for the Yankees during the regular season. Every time he gets a big hit, he always knows how to show his excitement. He hit a moderate .274, which is great for a number nine hitter. The Yankees really can do damage in any part of their order.

    Prediction: Warm. One walk off hit.

    C.C. Sabathia
    -A 19 Game Winner during the regular season, and undefeated in the post season, Sabathia has been clutch without a doubt. He pitched on three days rest, against the Angels, and went eight innings, with just one earned run. In game one of the world series though, it will be questionable, whether Sabathia can keep it up. Even the greatest pitchers can't go too many starts without a loss. Especially going up against a guy like Cliff Lee.

    Prediction: As Hot as he's been. Goes 7 2/3 with 2 ER in game one.

    A J Burnett- Burnett has been shaky all season. Although, things started to look up for him, his last start against the Angels, in game four, was rather questionable. He allowed four runs in the first inning, and then managed to go deep into the ball game for the Yankees, without allowing another run. He did not get the loss in the game, but many people were surprised that Girardi kept him in the game that long, after the first inning.

    Prediction: Cold. He's gotta step it up and show me something before i can give him anything.

    Andy Pettite-Pettite, the Fourteen-Year Yankee veteran, has had almost a full season's worth of post-season experience. He has been clutch for the Yankees throughout the post-season, and my guess is, he will continue to be during the World Series.

    Prediction: Moderate start. The Yankees' offense will need to be very good.

    Mariano Rivera-Yankees long time closer, had 44 saves in the regular season. Not surprising to many Yankees fans, actually its what they have come to expect from him. He only blew two saves, in the regular season. Once the Yankees get to the ninth inning, or even the eighth, and the Sandman comes on, don't hope to much for a late game rally, because it doesn't happen to much against Rivera. He has a dominating cutter, that can fool anyone.

    Prediction: He'll come in for 3 games. Get all three. Warm

    I was bored, and I have swine i had some time.

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    Yankees! I want them to win because the Phillies beat the Rays last year.

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    Yankees in 6, IMO.

    Rodriguez stays hot and could get MVP.

    Mxdeadxi should be fired immediately...replace him!

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    Just read my damn signature. I say the Yanks get number 27 in 5 or 6. Mxdeadxi becomes a free agent after the season and will probably stay with the Yankees or possibly going to the Mariners to match up with fellow Japanese baseball player Ichiro Suzuki.

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    Mxdeadxi is garbage...not a chance that he's resigned. He can't play a position anymore and his stats are consistently inconsistent and on a downward trend. 5 years ago he was awesome...not anymore. He got injured...his career isn't over, but he's not the hot ticket that he used to be.

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    One thing, SCREW THE YANKEES. I have my Yankee hex baseball by my TV right now and I HOPE LIKE HELL the Yanks lose. I HATE the Yankees, and always have. I am a Phillies fan! GO PHILLIES!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by babymick21 View Post
    Mxdeadxi is garbage...not a chance that he's resigned. He can't play a position anymore and his stats are consistently inconsistent and on a downward trend. 5 years ago he was awesome...not anymore. He got injured...his career isn't over, but he's not the hot ticket that he used to be.
    This was probably written before yesterday when he hit the home run that gave us the lead. Again he could go to the Mariners to match up with Suzuki or stay with us. I am a Yankees fan cause my official local team is the officially worst team in MLB ever (Nationals). Plus its stereotypical. All yall Philly fans just don't get it. Number 27 is coming no matter what. And this year too.

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    i live in philly.....but GO YANKS! :-D

    now if the stupid rain would just stop so they could play this game tonight...

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    The only thing you need to know what is hot and what is not is this..

    NFL, HOT.

    MLB, not. (fact, can not be contested in a court of law or science.)

    that said go phillies, rape the yanks!

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    What do I keep sayin... the Yankees will win the series. no questions asked.

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