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    Smile Diaper Shopping Again

    No, there's not a minor miracle going on with my wife and I having another baby at our ages. A co-worker just bacame a dad again to a little boy (after 19 years!!!) and I suggested to my wife about giving them a baby gift. She suggested diapers which meant - YES!!! - hitting the baby aisles in the stores! Babies can never have too many diapers, you know! A flood of memories came back from 18 years ago as we checked out the different brands of baby diapers together, and I also took in the wonderful scents of the baby aisle. The store had most brands from size 1, which we needed to get, up to my favs - the XL Goodnites! Anyway, just a totally fun day to take in the baby goods section for a legit reason my wife could also be part of for a change.


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    I cruise thru the baby section everytime I go shopping, I must look odd and old guy looking at diapers and baby stuff, but I do it everytime I go to wally world.

    They mist think I'm just lost or on my way to another department.

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    Gotta love looking through the baby aisle! My aunt is going to give birth next year, so I'm going to love looking through all the baby stuff for a legit reason. Usually when I go, I'll see a few friends there who always go "...Nei...don't you hate kids?" or I get a strange look since people might think I'm a really young mom or something. (Which I am, if you catch my drift! )

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    At my grocery store they moved everything around and the baby isle is on the same isle as food, or something we get, so we have to go down it...haha. You're right, I love the smell, and the pictures of diapers always get to me.

    Since we have grand children, we also go to Toys R Us, especially at Christmas time. This year my wife is doing a lot of ordering on line. I asked if we could go to Toys R Us anyway and she smiled and said yes. It's always so cool! Last year she bought me a stuffed toy plushie for my December birthday from there, so who knows what I'll get this year.

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