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    Wink Hey!

    I've been a AB since about 13 years old and I'm still finding out what I like and dislike. My home is the South East of the UK where I love to Sail, Fly and Communicate with people all around the world as a HAM. The main hobbie that I have is Photography and this goes alongside my day job.

    For sports as I said above, I love Sailing and all other water sports. Anything to get me soaking wet, I even love the rain in moderation. I own a laser 2000 that I take out as often as I can so this must mean that I am a water baby. I am trying to save up for a twin engine rib, but this is going slow at the moment. And when I can't get out on the water, I substitute the boat for the bike.

    I also said that I love to fly and I have been flying since the age of 17 under supervision. June of 2009 I also passed my Night Endorsement so this means that I can now fly at night. This sometimes gives me the opportunity to get diapers from other countries. But I'm not that bad that I'll spend a months wages on fuel just to try a new diaper.

    My real passion is for Photography, I still use film as my main media. There is something special about using film and knowing that you planed every aspect of the image. I have a Canon DSLR D1s MKIII 21 MP as a backup, but I still can't resist dipping the blank picture into the chemistry and seeing it appear as if like magic. I still love to experiment with using Filters, Vaseline or Dodging and Burning.

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    Sounds like you have some fun hobbies Celebi. Welcome.

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    Yes, I have lots of intrests. I can't stand or sit still for more than 5 mins enless I'm occupied. lol

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    Heya Celebrity! Nice to see you somewhere other than the IRC. That is incredibly awesome that you can fly. What kind of plane do you normally fly?

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    I fly a Beechcraft Baron 58 when I get the chance. Its a twin engine mono plain that can take up to 4 passengers, a pilot and a co-pilot/passenger. Its semi-luxury inside like leather. Unfortunately I don't own the plain, but my best friend is very flexible as long as I pay for the fuel and my insurance. She is also a very hot mechanic and dose most of the servicing herself.

    I also have two fully working replicas that I compete against friends in races as well as three helicopters and five cars. All working replicas; I’d love to own the real thing but we’d all like too. I also have the chance to cheat when I have time to show off. As I am also a ham and use this for communication, this gives me more power and frequencies to transmit on. This means that if you really wanted too, you could take a replica to one mile up or more And gives the chance to control it from the next town away. Fast scan TV also lets me transmit the images back too my lappy or PC so that I don’t haft to worry about letting the replica out of my sight.
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