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Thread: How do you amuse yourself?

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    Default How do you amuse yourself?

    Let's assume you're sitting in a figurative orchestra, your figurative clarinet resting upon your figurative lap. The figurative piece that the group is rehearsing involves lots of everyone else and little of Mr. or Ms. You. You are bored!

    In this situation I tend to watch the crazy conductor's hair. She keeps it like the curling irons never left and it bounces around and gets caught in her mouth sometimes. When the novelty of that wears off I turn to my clarinet brethren, who return sullen stares because they are the most boring people in the universe. After drawing little things eating the last stanza on every line, I sit back and think about what I'll do when I get home, checking the clock to see if it's moved every thirty or so seconds.

    How do you amuse yourself in situations where there is practically nothing to do?

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    Besides sleep!

    Lots of tags!

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    I make up life stories for the people I don't know around me, and act them out in my head from the point of view of various imaginary people in that person's life. If I get introduced to that person later on, I give them a knowing smile as I shake their hand.

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    I tell 'stories' featuring me and my imaginary friends in my head. Yes, I'm an egotist :p.

    If I can get up, I run up and down. I'm not into exercise or anything, it just helps me think more creatively I guess.

    Failing that...doodle.

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    I usually like to study people... try to guess what their life, hobbies, romance, problems are... basically if you're good at observing small details, it's actually quite interesting how much you can find out and often get it confirmed too.
    Also I like to let my mind wander... let it roam to places of the past, to places of my own creation... whatever.

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    Try to be Kanye West and come up with new beats in my mind that I will probably forget when I'm done.

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    In that situation you should sit there looking professional; looking as you do when playing, expect not playing.
    With that said, when I had little to play with massive gaps I'd just sit there and then dramatically raise my instrument to my lips as if I was about to play something epic, every single time I had some little string of notes to play. So yes, I amuse myself by raising an instrument sarcastically.

    In other situations I daydream.

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