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Thread: Assure Brand: Cheapest Diapers?

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    So as I'm reminded once again of the somewhat laughable domain of, I visit it to see what is around. Advertised in large, bold letters framed against an equally loud image is the announcement hawking the Value of Assure Brand Briefs, "as low as $0.28 each!"

    While there is no option to order as a case, there is no reason for a bulk purchase discount with each package of diapers costing a super-low price of $10 or lower.

    I return once more to ADISC to ask of its rather generous population what news might there be of this Assure brand; from the pictures provided, I don't think this is the same as Assurance brand.

    Here's a link:

    I also want to mention that ABUniverse isn't the only place selling these; a quick google search gives this site to order from for likely much better customer service:
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