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    I just found 4 packs of 11 goodnites XL boxers for $6 a piece on clearance. 44 diapers for 24 = 54 a diaper, which is cheap for goodnites. Apparently the downtown publix doesn't sell many older boy diapers

    The funny part of the story is the cashier. She asked me if I someone was potty training, I told her no, my son is a bedwetter. She asked how old he was, and I told her 14. She was like wow. I said, yep, but hopefully he'll outgrow it soon. The irony is that I'm only 24, so that would have made me 10 when I had a child. Fortunatly I have a beard, so could pass for 30 (still puts it at 16).

    Guess that's what happens with spur of the moment improvisation on age

    I've never had a cashier talk to me when I buy diapers, but I guess 4 packs of them is a conversation starter. We then talked about how expensive diapers are getting, because she has a 2 year old.

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    Congrats. on the score and escaping unscathed.

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    My funniest one like that is I bought a bag of adult diapers and some regular baby wipes. The girl asked how old my baby was. I pointed out that the wipes go with *MY* diapers. She turned real red.

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    Good one - although

    Well as a bedwetter (since I was 6... and I'm 30 by now...) I often go shopping for diapers... usually I order as it's more convenient (transport)... but there are a couple of shops around my place selling diapers.

    When I moved out of my parents place I was at first really scared at buying diapers anywhere... internet shops had not been around close to where I live (shops from abroad had huge shipping charges) so I had to go diaper shopping "in person" quite often.
    Again, at first I was quite freaked by this... nervous ... I avoided looking at people... kept walking by the store ten times just to check if I didn't see anyone inside or anyone around I knew ... tried to go late night, at odd times... or tried to wait for shitty weather for as long as I could... after a good dozen times I started to lighten up and over the years got used to this.

    Well these days I often find it highly amusing.... sometimes shop assistants will ask questions (size? is it for a man or women? ...) when they don't have the specifically requested product in stock... some just ask because they for some reason feel obliged to talk. Well, these days I usually say they're for me... which usually results in a blushing shop assistant... I usually go on, and say I've been a bedwetter all my life... Are you sure you don't have the specific brand I asked for? I had bad experience with brand X - they tend to leak... and there's no sense in wearing leaky diapers - is there?... Usually that's the point where you'll notice who's a professional sales person or who's just not good at his/hers job.

    I have found that if I go to a specific rehab/medical supply store they are well used to this, know that people of all ages have to wear diapers and usually know a good deal about different brands, types, incontinence... normal pharmacies, supermarkets etc - well they're usually shocked to find someone in his early 30ies, sporty, healthy, not wheelchairbound,... needing DIAPERS.

    When I'm not in the mood I just say I'm taking care of my grandfather... no more talk. But it's rare... usually I find it a lot more amusing to shock them a little.

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