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    Ok so yeah i was wondering whats the deal with the website? and can you still order from them using the number that they have posted their? Also is there any other place to get pink diapers I really want pink diaposables but adult ones not kids?

    If this has been asked before sorry. Just point me in the right direction and any mod can delete this.

    Oh Crap I meant to title this Dry 24/7 crap sorry guys/gals
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    ...In light of this, orders can be taken manually by calling...
    I'm guessing that means you can still place orders by calling them.

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    yeah but i just want to make sure it's not a hoax so if any one has ordered from them recently i would greatly appreciate it if you shared you experience

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    Anything relating to their website takes FOREVER to get done. It's amazing to me they stay in business sometimes. I do like their products, however. But yeah, it's still down from when the site got compromised... quite a while back.

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    A long time ago! And because of the inconvinence I have switched over to secure x-plus. I have only leaked once with them... dry24/7 I had never leaked... but they need to get their site back up!

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    DF stopped ordering Dry 24/7 for me a few months ago and switched to Bambinos instead. I honestly like the Bambinos better, they work just as well and are a lot cuter.

    The deal with Dry 24/7's website disturbs me. No real, legitimate company would let their site be down for this long.

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    I was in semi-regular communication with them for a bit over their website (I was the one who originally brought it to their attention that their site was compromised), and it seemed promising. Then they just stopped responding to my emails. Basically, they don't have anyone working for them that has any knowledge about this type of stuff, and from what I can tell, their website was never a high priority for them.

    Since then, I have found a distributor for Bambino that can get me cases pretty quickly, so I've switched to them.

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    The bambinos are really cool, those i have no doubt that im gonna buy but i just love how pink the Drys 24/7 diapers are. There so dang cute!!!! I really want to get them but im not sure if I should order.

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    Guess I'll be sticking to Abena X-plus or bambino. I perfer both of those ones anyways, the med/large diapers are huge when you only got a 30 inch waist, takes some skill putting it on properly so it won't leak like that.

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    Well for anyone who has ordered from dry24/7 keep an eye out for suspicous behavior with your credit cards or what not. Hopefully none of our information leaked out. I will keep an eye out and if I see anything suspicous with my activity I shall post it on this thread here.

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