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Thread: Gas Production Plant Tanks explode in Puerto Rico, fires still occur

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    Default Gas Production Plant Tanks explode in Puerto Rico, fires still occur

    CNN- 15 Gas Tanks still burn in San Juan

    This is a gas production plant that I pass a lot when I am in Puerto Rico. Early this morning, one of the gas tanks exploded, causing a boom that broke glass in houses and stores miles away and had people thinking that Puerto Rico had been bombed. Schools closed, roads closed, and one firefighter was injured in the process of putting the fire out, which still persists as of now. 300 Prisoners had to be transported to a distant prison. To me this was just a disastrous catastrophe but thank God that no one has died from this. However, there is initial evidence that will need to be backed up upon further investigation that this might be no accident according to the accounts of the graffiti found a couple of blocks away.

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    O_O WHAT...omg,, damn so much for the fture of natural gas

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